Monday, December 26, 2011

Just a simple 'Hi'


Its been like approximately 6 crucial weeks since my last update. Hm, there's so many thing that i want to share, yet i don't know where to begin with. Did i mentioned about my newborn nephew (its not that new, i think he's almost 3 months already) ? Okay, lets start with the baby.

Remember that i always said about "Komeng" (refer previous entries) ? Alhamdulillah , he's been delivered to this world (in surgical method) on 30th September (if i'm not mistaken). His name is Mohamed Asyraf Bin Mohamed Abbasyarie (a bit envy here, my bro already has his own child).

With Amirul (my 1st and oldest nephew), Asyraf's 1st month
His 2nd months (geram ok tgk gmbar ni, rsa nk gigit je Asyraf kuat2)
Wrestling with Mr. Teddy ! (pic taken on 19th Dec)

I think Asyraf look different from time to time, he's evolving rapidly to become handsome like his beloved Uncle Kachak (me).

At the same time, my lil' sister is pregnant for about 26 weeks already. This time i called the her baby (insyaAllah estimated to be delivered at earlier March 2012) as Kuntum. My instinct keep telling me that my sister will get a baby girl.

Pic taken on 7th Dec. She's pretty as always. 

I have mixed feeling (happy, sad, worry, excited, etc) every time i see her pic. InsyaAllah she will be in Miri this coming January (until settle with her 'pantang bersalin').

To tell the truth, i am truly struggling myself to be patient until next 24th January (flight to Miri). I just want to be in Miri. That's all. Wrestling with Asyraf, teasing Amirul, communicating with Kuntum (through my sis lah), spend my quality time with mom, dad, siblings, cousins and everyone there. Also lepaking at 'RnR' with 'ahli korum' la kn. Hahaha.

But before that, there's final exams waiting ahead of me.
This semester 's schedule

Yup, i only have this 4 subjects. If people think this is unfair, my answer is simple:

"I've studied at DIPLOMA level for SIX semesters, starting my degree FROM semester ONE, TAKEN several subjects EARLIER (i do struggled  for PREVIOUS semesters) and the good news is, InsyaAllah my LAST semester will be SAME as others"

So does this still look unfair to you? Think logically buddies. But, not to worry, thankfully i will be 19 this coming year :p

Anyway, InsyaAllah i'll update about SAF, class trip, etc. in my next 'sweet time' (one of my lecture always said "... during your own 'sweet time'... " in economic's class).

Happy holidays, happy revising things, GOOD LUCK in exam and see you soon.



Nurul Razak said...

sekdanya sik unfair.haha aku first year lok sampe 8 subject cgek sem. dah final sem 2 subject jak.hihi

mael said...

ala, mekorg ada smpe 10 sbjek gik utk 1 semester laaa. 8 sbjek ya dianggap sbg pkara biasa. hahaha. final nok biasa pun dlm 6 - 8 paper gia (utk 1 sem). *kos mekorg tok pemurah ngn bil subjek, agak byk*

mael said...

(utk 1 sem) ---> (utk semua sem kec. final sem)