Monday, April 30, 2012

i also feel that i am having period right this moment


here's the thing:

these past days i felt like my cerebrum being slapped hard by an angel of death due to an excessive usage of my lazy brain. dissertation for me is like forcing my fingers to 'make love' with all these keyboard's buttons while giving extra impact to my ergonomic condition. thumbs up for this moment of joy 

*typing with these dull fingers*

and also

hoooooooray for my sleepy head

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Eventually you are not meant to be with me. It's okay, i have accepted that fact, pray for your happiness and mine also, and keep continuing to search for 'the one' that was written to be with me while i'm 4 months old in my mother's womb. May Allah bless my journey continuously. Ameen.



My back pain is killing me


Monday, April 9, 2012


Peace be upon you all

i guess it's not that easy for me to gain my data eh? Due date is on 30th April, but i have to seek my supervisor before 20th April as pre-submission. i still have 5 more interview sessions to be completed which so far seems to be quite impossible to be achieved. i have called many companies, A, B, C, etc., which i guess already over than 20 companies. The best part is, there are not many companies left in Miri, if we're talking about big construction companies. Currently i am nearby my losing state, but i'll still pursue the data until its limit.

God will give test to every person including me. He will only test every person until their limit. i guess i am a strong person after all, hopefully. Please guide and lead me to the right path.

Thank you Allah, thank you for everything.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Islands *double thumbs up*

Peace be upon you all

There's not much to share, but places to go in future maybe for family outings, friends gathering, honeymoon, etc.

Made in Malaysia, Borneo particularly & Sabah precisely.

Source: Facebook

Thinking of honeymooning at these places in future insyaAllah.

Peace be upon you all

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Peace be upon you

i don't even know what is happening to me currently.

Somehow my heart feel like its going to explode when ever i see her. 

Somehow i feel glad hearing things from her. 

Somehow i've been warmed by her presence.

Somehow i love it when she's teasing me the way do. 

Somehow i'm trying to cover my blushing face in front of her.

Somehow i'm unable to make eye contact with her.

Somehow i'm patiently waiting her for noticing me.

Somehow i'm happy when she's talking with me.

Somehow i'm avoiding things that she hates.

Somehow i'm feel like i want to become tougher in front of her.

Somehow i'm seeing myself in many places with her.

Somehow she's included in my prays.

Somehow i'm hoping the best for her.

There are many 'somehow' happening to me when ever, where ever, she's on my mind. Its been so long since i had these feelings. i'm not making all these up, but sincerely what i feel these days.

Hopefully Allah will blessed me with someone like her, or better than her. After all, Allah knows what's the best for me.

Source: Google

Peace be upon you all

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One Man

May peace be upon you all

i haven't update much lately, due to some of my workload, etc. To be honest with, i'm a recent Running Man's (RM) fans okay. Hahaha. My fren (sobi sobi) keep pushing me to watch this show, so i did it in order to favor his request. i get a copy of episode 1 till 82 from him. It took me quite sometime to finish all these episodes & luckily i've just finished it yesterday. There's a thing that i usually do when i got stuffs like series or animes, etc., i tend to finish all that stuffs in shortest period so that i can focus / go on with my actual other things. Hopefully now i can concentrate to my workloads, as well as searching for my love one.

Anyway, here's a song that i felt touched hearing it, by Kim Jong Kook (from RM), called One Man.

One Man

It must've been a long time.
Long enough for these words to become colorless.
Even if i just see your eyes, i know everything.
Like your friend, like your shadow.
We must've been together always.
When you've having hard time and you are sad, even when you're lonely.
Holding onto separation a bit longer, even when i'm hurting to wipe away your tears.

There's a man who loves you so much.
There's a man who can't even say i love you.
By your side i put my hand out and at a path where you can always reach me.
i, who cherishes you more than myself, am with you.

To make you laugh, i think of only that and when and where ever you are, i'm watching you and missing you and who worries of only you.

There's a man who loves you so much.
There's a man who can't even say i love you.
By your side i put my hand out and at a path where you can always reach me.
i, who cherishes you more than myself, am with you.

For the 1000th time i swallow and again for 10000th time i try to set everything straight.
i want to tell you.
i think i'm going to go insane but...
i want to embrace you all at once but...

There's a girl, who doesn't know i'm like this.
Who receives love but doesn't even know that it is love.

Leaving you, who is as foolish as i and sad,
At this moment tears come but i'm happy.
It's because you're by my side.

Great lyrics okay!

Enjoy the song & peace be upon you all.