Friday, March 23, 2012

Broga Hill

Peace upon you all

Today i've just conquered Broga Hill's peak, 2nd time. Last time was on 1st quarter last year i guess, with my fellow part 1 & 2 classmates (+ several others). This time with my current classmates (+ several others).

Today's trip went well whereby 14 out of 17 person are able to join me at the peak, compared to below 10 (out of more than 20) person last time.

Last trip was so horrible for me because back then i was selfishly act on my own without working in a group with others. During that time, i was really regretted my action after several of them said 'we' (this also referred to me, i know it by their voice tone) wasn't there when they need 'us' (still referred to me).

After that incident, i 'repent'. So for today's trip, i was able to work in group with them, leading the way to the peak, slowly but surely, and we all went back safely. i finally able to feel the joy of the trip (in group mode).

Thank God, for this trip, i'm gladly say it pleasure me a lot and a big relief to me.

Anyway, today's traffic at the hill was crystal clear, due to today is working day (my 1st trip was filled with massive amount of people). Trekking at your own risk (safety at this place is quite sad i'd say). So have to be 110% focus till you reach the finishing line.

*Thanks to Noor Ifah (classmate) for the pictures. Really appreciate that.

Peace upon you all. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Peace upon you all

Although the pressure is mounting up, but today i felt so happy after met an old acquaintance. Let the smile breeze up the sky :)

Peace upon you all

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The pressure is on!

Peace upon you all

Seems like i won't be able to graduate easily i guess. There are tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of things need to be done in such a short period. Putting aside all this things, i do like this semester a lot, unfortunately its going to be end soon (God's Will).

Hopefully i'm able to graduate in time along with others with flying colors. Currently peeking the real deal, i mean the industry of course, construction industries. There's lots of short & long term plans.

i think currently i am near to this point (Gohan going to 'explode' in  Dragon Ball Z comic no. 34, right after Cyborg No. 16's head destroyed by the complete Cell)

May God give me strength whenever i came to this sort of situations / conditions.

Peace upon you all.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Replenishing White

Peace upon you all

i always wanted to buy this certain teeth whitening product since years ago, but only now i had my chance on using it. Its basically my 3rd day using the product. i choose "Pearl Drops: Replenishing White" due to its 'brighter teeth in just 2 weeks' thingy.

i admit that the color of my teeth also had to do with my confident level. Brighter the teeth means higher the confident level. Maybe some people out there had same issue with me. So, if this thing is really working accordingly, i will recommend it to others, but for the time being, i think this thing kinda worked even though its only my 3rd day.

Anyway, still got another 11 days or more to go in order to see its final result.

Before i forget, it cost about RM 45 per item. So lets brighten our teeth and smile like there will be no tomorrow :)

Peace upon you all.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Priceless #1

Peace upon you all.

i pick this pic from

While karaoke-ing at Miri
i think me in here kinda weird. Hahaha. Its like my head is photoshoped into someone's body, but it is me. maybe i look like this all the time. Then again, hahhahahhahha!

Anyway, credit to Subari-bari Four (not his real name) for taking this pic, it is so priceless! Beside me is Redu-redu Yoda (also not his real name), one of my kap2 kun ah pliu-on bhai (its like "i got ur back buddy").

Peace upon you all

Khalid ibn Walid

Peace upon you all

Its Friday again, thanks Allah.

i was astounded by this v/clip. i hope leaders these days will be 'strong' and 'brave' in addition with their intelligent.

Peace upon you all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yuwais Bin Iskandar

Peace upon y'all.

Sorry for being late in updating about my newborn nephew. Here's the detail.


Yuwais Bin Iskandar


7th March 2012

Miri's General Hospital 
(only generals / leaders born here, including me)

i don't know why, but he looks like different person at different angle. For quite sometime i thought this gonna be a baby girl (while in my sis womb), i even gave him name 'kuntum' before. Now that i know he is not 'kuntum' anymore, i think he'll be his cousins (Amirul & Asyraf) best friend.

Uwais means 'Gift'. So letter 'Y' at initial refers to 'he' in fi'il mudhori' (had to learn little Arabic grammar for this) on 'huwa' (he). Hence, can be conclude that Yuwais means 'He who Gifts' (this is alternately my opinion, do correct me if i'm wrong).

On the other hand, i just read story about Uwais Al-Qorni, a man who pray & look after his mother. A man who pray for Saidina Umar r.a. & Saidina Ali r.a. May Allah always bless you and your family dear Yuwais.

Peace upon you all.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pulau Perhentian

Peace upon you all

Due to things going on, i really need to go to this place.

Want more detail information about the trip? Kindly visit their site at or any other site to this sparkling-deliciously-spectacular island.

Enjoy our life to the fullest! Have a great days guys.

Peace upon you all

Saturday, March 10, 2012

1st year...

Peace upon you all

Happy birthday to healthy me (since 9 or 10 Mac 2011)

Monday, March 5, 2012


Peace upon you all

Guess what? Today will be my 1st day for semester 6. Roarrrrrrrr! Hahaha. Every second of this semester is so tense to me. It's just happen man, maybe the thought of 'must complete the thesis or extend my graduation date' or 'it is now or never' etc.

Anyway, these past two days i felt so tired, like really effing tired until it caused me to sleep maybe about 12 hours per day. i think  the +ve ion surround me is too many until my -ve ion unable to run the equilibrium exercise as it does usually. Hence, i had to sleep in order to overcome the excessive +ve ion inside me.

Lets just keep that in view. The thing is, Mum SMSed me last night regarding my little sis being brought to hospital. She broke her water and currently being held in ward, before she can fully deliver her baby. To tell the truth, i am worried like shoot here. You have no idea how long i waited for that baby to finally join this world him/herself. i'm also hopping my sis & her baby be in great health / condition and get thru this whole delivering process safely.

It'll be my 3rd nephew. i always play with that baby, i often caught his leg / hand when i see it moving, etc. i spent lots of time with my sis for these past 6 / 7 weeks (semester break) while also babysitting my 2nd nephew, Asyraf.

Asyraf looks like my 2nd bro (while he's still baby) at this pic.
* He already missed me right there, her mum said that he sleep after grabbing my cloth. That little man always sleep when i'm hugging him. How i miss him so much! *

He calmly stay there. Grrrrr!
i always 'sniffing' when hugging him

Back to my sis, she'll deliver her baby at anytime now. i'll be waiting for that great  news! This is the 2nd time my nephew delivered right after i'm back to school. i will bite him / her hard after make me waiting this long.

* Beware you kiddo, Uncle gonna bite and bite and bite you so hard until you'll remember it for a long time*

God's Will, i will update more on little sis condition later. Hopefully everything will runs smoothly soon. i will wait patiently right here. Yes, right here. Hence, i'm expecting their call anytime now.

Have a great days ahead guys. Peace upon you all.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Peace upon you all

i am currently in the middle of packing my stuffs for this morning's flight. At the same time, i'm 'web check-in' my flight details using this laptop, while printing it using that desktop and chatting using my phone. i'm not kidding but these is some of my skills that some of you might just know currently.

Multitasking? You just seeing the surface buddy, there's lots of stuffs i can do 'by myself' (only by God's Will). Okay, i'm gonna settle packing this things up.

Until we meet again fellows. Good night and have a great days ahead.

Peace upon you all.

Friday, March 2, 2012

favorite manga #1

Peace upon you all

i guess its time for me share about my interest on manga / comic . i do like mangas since before starting my kindegarden school (i start at 5 years, spent about 2 years at that place). i'm attracted by the drawings, sketches, etc. where i only look at the drawings without knowing what is written in it (before kindegarden, i only able to read at 5 yrs old, just an ordinary kid i am).

So, i'll start with the leader (i'm not saying oldest, or first, but just leader, like a boss) of all comic / manga (in my perspective) which is Dragon Ball. Well, the 7 balls thingy created by 'Sir' (i honor him) Akira Toriyama in years i don't know when, but why don't you let Mr. Google do his job shall we?

*Just type 'dragon ball' and BAM ! all information is there*

1 thing for sure, all stuff that Goku able to do, also can be done by me, big time. Hahaha. So don't mess with me people, or you'll ended up vanished before blinking your eyes. Puff! Gone. 

Here they are, the Dragon Ball
 Go google it fellows. Good night, have a good sleep and great days ahead guys.

Peace upon you all.