Tuesday, January 31, 2012



These past few days i haven't had luxury to update this blog with any entry. i'd set a 'framework' on things i want to update originally, but it only stuck in my head.

To tell the truth, i'd been doing a 'job' since i got back into Miri, that is a babysitter, i mean a handsome, talented & passionately loving babysitter. Yes, i do a part time babysitting to my bro's son, Asyraf. Yesterday he turns to 4 months old.

This little baby is so aggressive, charming, etc. His cheeks as if mentioned "please kiss harder / bite 'grrrrrrr'ly here". He likes it when i pick him up and bring him to have a tour  at my own house.

i haven't sleep yet from last night. Hence i am sleepy as hell right now. Here are the latest pictures of that little man.

Here's the tough guy
After tired jumping & jumping & jumping
He suddenly sit like that. 
He lose to me in term of sleeping.

i want to share a secret with u guys, this baby will sleep everytime i dukung him for a while~ He's the other 'rabbit' (Chinese's zodiac) in the house after me.

Okay, i really am sleepy. Later guys.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)


I'm updating this blog here in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). i have luxury to do so due to my arrival at boarding room 3 hours ahead of my flight schedule, meaning that i came here at KLIA earlier than i expected, wayyy too early, but its a good thing. i can relax myself after a tiring journey.

Okay, earlier this morning, around 12 am, i'd spent my time at Kamal's Corner with Daus & Zamey. I haven't had dinner, so i invited them to join me, also can be treated as a 'farewell' occasion i guess. We spent over 2 hours of our 'cerita kedai kopi' moment there *kinda gay by using 'our...moment' with coupled of dudes*

i woke up at 6.30 am, do all necessary things (shalat, take bath, etc..). My initial plan was using bus (Seranas) from Section 7 to Section 2, proceeded with bus (u80) to KL Sentral and continued with bus to KLIA. Overal will be 3 buses and the total cost of transportation will be RM 13.50 (Section 7 to KLIA).

i started with the 1st bus around 8 am, continued by 2nd bus around 8++ am. Thank God that today is Chinese New Year's holiday so the road is i can say as 'crystal clear' which took only about 30 minutes from Section 2 to KL Sentral. Its a huge relief to me but here's come the worst part. i just realize that the road path around KL Sentral changed a bit, also there's a bit changes in the surroundings too.

i just noticed that monorail is being under maintenance or upgrade or i don't know what happen, all i managed to see was monorail's area is closed ('they' already install fencing on that area). Apart from that, this new 'under construction' building next to KL Sentral almost complete maybe.

usually dozens of buses will parks here
it was like entering some remote tunnel
there's a light at the of the tunnel, means don't stop when you're not done yet

As usual, i walk to KL Sentral by foot, but then, there's not many people taking same way with me, but i wonder maybe its still holidays or maybe i came too early, so i just let it be. Suddenly i'd been shocked when i saw KL Sentral is also undergoing some renovation works.

i was like 'how long have i been away from this world ???'

Then again, i thought that i'd made a huge mistake by not using KTM in the 1st place, but hey, i'm already here at the Sentral, so i just move on and try to think of another solution while following other people to i don't even know where. The only things left there is a bunch of taxi drivers and few buses to Low Cost Carriageway Terminal (LCCT).

Again, i was like 'am i on the right track ?' 

Fortunately i am on the right track. Then i felt relieved a bit but there's goes another problem, which is 'where can i find bus to KLIA'. Then i made up my mind and 'sacrifice' myself by using KLIA Ekspres (train that connects KL Sentral and KLIA) and i'm ready for the cost (which i thought maybe around RM 20). I was wrong, it costed RM 35 and i was crying my in my heart. The main reason i want to use bus is because i'm broke.


Again, i just accepted my fate and use that train. For your information aka fyi, its my 1st time using that train. Somehow i kinda like that train. Travel time from sentral to airport is only 28 minutes (normally about an hour or less by using bus). i also felt like Johnny Depp in "The Tourist", such a distressful journey that i don't even manage to 'take my time' there.

So here i am, checked in 3 hours earlier then the actual schedule. i won't regret it because i have many time to spend, able to charge both my phone and laptop, manage to publish this entry, and have better time to see things around.

Anyway, i guess i have to stop here because i have other things to do. So, see y'all at the other part of the world, which is Borneo, a world's living paradise. Ohya, there's an old English couple sit next to me just now, they're such a happy couple.

Here i am, updating my blog

P/s: Ticket's attendance is so pretty. Aiyoo, will u marry me? Haha, she'll definitely say NO to me.


Monday, January 23, 2012



Finally... i've completed my fifth semester at UiTM Shah Alam yesterday. Phew, i was here since July 2009 and now my journey is about to reach its 2nd final stage (final stage is convocation), which is the final semester. Lets talk about my final semester in future.

Finally... i can feel a bit relief after all this exam session. Overall, i did all the papers with my best to date capacity (for this semester's period), which i'd say quite disappointed (due to lack of revision, lack of self discipline, despite having huge advantages on the gap between my papers). Anyway, i hope that i'm not repeating any subject at all.

What past is past, all we can do is take a lesson from it 
-usually be said after taking exams-

I play a lot, less studies, have low coursework's marks 
-usually be said after knowing the result-

I'll change my study plan, work smarter, discipline myself 
-usually be said at the beginning of the semester-

Finally... i can go back to Miri after 5 tiring months tomorrow (Tuesday: 1315 hour), spend some quality time with family and friends, also spend some time for executing my thesis / dissertation / final project (different term used in different universities) whereby the primary data will be collected in Miri, and so on.

Finally... i'm going back using MAS' plane this time. Hopefully there's special gift for the Chinese New Year, a dragon's doll will do. Kih3~

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Finally... i think maybe i'd sleep at airport tonight. As usually, i had a flightophobia syndrome that enable me to have many unnecessary thoughts such as i'll miss my flight due to the traffic condition or maybe oversleep till noon,  i'm taking wrong flight, poor weather condition while flying, etc. Yup, its among my biggest problem.

The flightophobia 
-a term that i've created some time ago, that can be defined as negative inferior feelings or behaviors or expressions occurs in respective amount of period, before reaching the intended destination, by using plane- 

Finally... i think that's it for this entry. i want to rest a bit before start packing things later. InsyaAllah we'll meet again later Shah Alam.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little incident...


There's an incident occurred last midnight. While me & fellow housemates having some chit chat, Boboy (cat with gangster face on) came in (my room) and wandering at window like he usually does. Few times previously he almost fall outside from that window, but tonight, he indeed falls outside.

Without further thinking, i suddenly stand u and rush toward the door and run to ground floor (our house is at 1st floor) as fast as i can supported with an adrenalin rush, bare footed, and immediately searching for Boboy. Luckily he still safe at the window's lintel (small area, but enough to hold him for a while). Later my roomate pulled him inside.

Last month (mid), Boboy still small
After being scolded, last month.
Today, he turns into a monster.
Boboy's new accompany, the Duo Sista (Gegirl 1 & 2)

Adrenalin rush really tire me. Phew. What a night !




Good morning & good day to all. Today i woke up around 6.40 am. My initial plan is to wake before 5.00 am, to watch El Classico match between Real Madrid v Barcelona. Pardon, i didn't plan on waking up because i am awake till 3.15 am with my 'social network' activities. Maybe all this happened due to last night event.

Last night me & housemates (& 2 of housemates' friends also joined) were having our 'dinner' event together. Its been so long for such event where everyone in our house participates. I think the last time was either earlier last semester or a semester before, the point is, it was way back then.

In truth, i know about this event is 2 days ago, while having usual conversation with roomate. The place was suggested by roomate also (either Rashid or Syahmi). So the dinner take place at D'Kayangan Buffet & Steamboat, in Acapella's building, Section 13, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Source: Nur Eimi :)
Source: Facebook

Ohya, there's a bit incident occurred at Section 7's Shell last night. A quarrel between a full grown Indian man and a matured Malay lady. i don't know what happen between those two but the quarrel is a bit aggressive and ended with the man kicked that lady's Myvi. Based on my observation, i think the lady maybe have rough day before the incident or she's having period, that kept her from act rationally (verbal) resulted her Myvi being kicked. i was like:

'no lady, u shouldn't... but you've done it..'

Anyway, i had good time with housemates. i ate so much until my tummy expand twice as usual.

Mr. tummy is happy 

After done with dinner, some of us go to Uptown Shah Alam to 'pick' up two Liverpool jerseys (2nd & 3rd kit) and head back to home.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Voucher 1M...


Kih3, selamat pagi anak2 Adam, selamat pagi 1 Mesia, selamat pagi World, slmt pagi galaxy 18 ribu juta 92 zillion lion2 (jari telunjuk tunjuk kt matahari, tp mcm 1).

Hehe, pgi ni bgn dgn penuh semangat yg bkobar2, bkn sebab nk pegi turun exam, tp sebab nk amik voucher buku yg bernilai RM 200.00 tu. Alhamdulillah, syukur ke atas nikmat2 yg sbegini. Nk cari seringgit pun ssh, inikan pula RM 200.00 kn. Haa, so wajarlah utk kita bsyukur. Ni pun dh kira sbagai 1 nikmat dh ni.

Voucher ni sbnrnya dh diagihkn bmula mggu lps, sampai la 15 March 2012 nti (xtau tpt lain la, kalau UiTM dh fixed cmni). Pastu stp student (yg layak) akn dbekalkan dgn 4 helai voucher (stp 1 voucher tu bnilai RM 50.00).

Kaedah penggunaan nya mudah saja.
++ Voucher xleh ditukarkn kpd duit (tp ramai je budak p jual voucher tu kt org lain)
++ Stp pbelian mggunakn voucher ni terhad pd premis yg  tertentu shja (tnya dorg smada accept voucher ke x)
++ Belilah brangan shingga ckup2 nilai voucher tu kalau xnak rugi (baki tu burnt je nti, bek guna habis)
++ Pbelian yg mlebihi nilai voucher tu perlu dsupport dgn duit sdiri

Nk amik voucher ni perlulah kemukakan Kad Pengenalan (yg kachak) bserta Kad Pelajar (yg kachak) kpd pihak2 yg tlibat. Utk kes ktorg (UiTM Shah Alam), voucher tu bleh didapati di pejabat bendahari fakulti masing2. Utk fakulti ktorg yg kachak ni (FSPU), pjabat bndahari ada kt bilik no 9, kt blkg surau tu je (blok B, kt paling bwh). Kih3.

Rembat dr blog [ni]

So, bt masa ni aku blm ada plan yg concrete lgi utk gna voucher ni. Tp tringin nk bli pen mahal je (yg besi bleh gna utk cocok mata org, dlm tv slalu buat), brulah bleh jd QS yg bgaya nti. Haha. Adoi, perlu betulkn blk niat ni.

Ohya, voucher ni bkn stakat leh gna utk bli bku, tp bleh jga utk perkakas / peralatan utk pembelajaran (tp aku tgk org lain siap ada bli external hard disc, baju T yg mcm xde function je, keyboard, etc yg ngarut2 & novel smestinya).

Ok lah, nk siap2 dlu, pasni nk pg pejabat bndahari tu.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunny Sunday...


Hm, nothing spesel today. Pagi smpai petang ni pun hari still panas. Agaknya Mesia tgh musim Summer skrg ni.  Hari ni mmg aku plan nk rehat2 kn tubuh & minda yg dh 'lesu' slps bbrapa paper bjaya dtempuhi.

Lps solat Asar td aku lma dok tmenung tgk langit. Subhanallah,  ciptaan Allah mmg indah.

Next paper aku 22 Jan nti, means ada tggal 6 hari ni lgi utk aku stdy sbjek Professional Practice II tu. Syukurlah test nti ktorg dibekalkn dgn Standard Form PWD 203 (2007) & PAM (2006). So kalau dh lpa sgt nti, bley la salin blk je related clauses, pastu goreng la scukup rsa, slagi rsa nk mgorengnya nti. InsyaAllah paper ni x mcm paper PM aku yg screwed tu. Tawakkal je la kn, dh usaha spenuhnya pun, diiringi dgn doa gak slalu.

So hri ni aku just baring je lma2. X pgi senam2 petang etc, just baring2 je dlm blk. senam pun swaktu solat & pgi turun bli makanan je. Pastu baring semula (tp skrg ni aku mnaip smbil duduk). Pastu layan la youtube yg love related, haaa. Jgn memain, muka aku je nmpak cm bparut2, tp dlm hati ni ibarat kain putih yg mnunggu utk dcontengi dgn warna2 cinta je lgi. Hahahaha. Ntah mna aku bleh dpt pk ayt poyo cmni. Pedulilah kn. Pastu, ada 1 short film ni yg berjaya mnaikkn mbuakn prasaan cinta yg tlh 'tidur' sketika dlm diri ni. Haa.

Tajuk short film ni Signs (tanda2)

Khidupan mamat ni lbh kurg cm aku jgak la, xda awek. Pastu slalu je pkiran melayang2 bgaikn layang2 yg tputus talinya. Bnda ni aku tgk lps mmber aku post kt profile fb die (sblm aku deactivate account) bbrpa hari yg lalu. Sweet awek dlm ni. Xla cantek yg cantek, tp sweet. Ntah la, korg tgk la sndiri.

Pastu aku pun layan tagged, twitter, blogs, semua tu. Pastu aku tgk la blk gmbar2 kt tagged tu, ksian je, mcm tbengkalai stlh skian lma, kbykn gmba2 dr 'zaman jepon' dlu. So aku pun upload la gmbar2 baru. Sedang upload gambar2 baru tu la aku dok tgk album2 dlm laptop ni. Mmg berjuta2 kenangan la dlm stp gambar.

Xckup dgn tu, aku pgi plak layan lagu2 rakaman (sblm ni, aku slalu rakam nyanyian2 sdiri bla karok, just utk kenangan2 sdiri, contohnya masa2 mcm td tu, bleh la feel sorg2 nti), ada part2 tu aku malu la kn. Yela, awl2 tu mmg plek la nyanyian tu (skrg da ok skit rsanya), tp knangan2 kt situ la mmg amat2 priceless (Incubus ada lagu btajuk 'Priceless' ni dlm album 'A crow left of the Murder').

Layan pnya layan, skrg da pkol 7.15 mlm. So dh nk masok waktu Maghrib. So nti2 la aku update kt sni lgi.

Happy Sunday guys & good luck exam.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Totally SCREWED !


Today is totally not my day. Definitely not mine. Anyway, 1st of all, i already deactivated my facebook account due to some circumstances. There's things that i don't want to see in it. On the other hand, i'm back to tagged, though its not active like i'm with twitter,  but ya, here i am, tagged. i feel a bit leisure there, plus doesn't have to see earlier mentioned event.

Okay, back to the main topic, which is today's entry. Yeap, i am totally screwed ! Nailed to the bottom of the wood. Ok, today we just sit for our 3rd paper which is Project Management 2. Naturally i should be able to withstand this paper. Unfortunately, under certain circumstances, i barely able to answer the questions. We've been given 6 questions, but only answer 4 of it.

How on earth that i can miss the question (no 3) that i am quite 'fluent' to begin with, the motivation's theories. What the Junub (wtf) !  All just because of that "philosophies of human nature". I was like 'what the devil is philosophies of human nature'? Earlier i tried to answer that question with all that Maslow & McGregor crap, but i'm afraid it is not 'human nature'. Just because of that term (human nature), i've lost 15 marks (i might not get full 15, but at least i can get some points from it).

Therefore, i answer question 2 that i've forgotten the arrangement of all those managerial grid leader. Now i really put my blame on you Mr. Blake & your friend, Mr. Mouton. Your theory is killing me okay. i knew about country club leader etc, but i only know some of it. i think i only get around 5 marks out of 25 marks provided for question 2 (only if the lecturer is good enough to give marks, if not, maybe got only 1 / 25). Not forget to mention, question on Facility Management also i got it wrong. Hish !

To tell the truth, i wasted my time studying recruitment, Human Resources Management and other craps. Things get even messier when i read question 4, that is on Environmental Management System's component. Again, burnt my 15 marks there. The only question i confident with my answer is question 3 and parts of question 6 (Ishikawa & Deming's theory).

Dear God, i am praying to u right now. Please make me pass this subject. I don't know how but u are the Mighty One, capable of doing everything (Done, the its Done). Thank You God.

Yours screwedly,
Si Kachak~


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Did it again...


These days i always left / lost my things scattered all over the places. Which place? i do not know which it is or where it is. They're just gone *Puffff* missing like a shinobi doing their ninjutsu skills.

My fav shinobi

Latest 'event' is i lost my Construction Economics (yesterday's exam) paper. i realized it when my roomate asking bout that exam, right after i'm back home.

 i was like 'Owww Emmm Jayyyy' 

i still don't know why this happened to me but i can assure u that this is not the best thing to do. How am i supposed avoid this kinda 'event' from occurring again in the future?

Anyway, off to Etihad Stadium to watch MCFC v LFC.

Never Walk Alone


Monday, January 9, 2012



Mlm td pnya ssh nk tdo, perut trasa mcm dpicit dgn 'bare hand', rsa mcm kna spell 'crucify' oleh Voldemort. Apa2 lah. 2 hari lg nk 2nd paper dh *ni bulan peperiksaan*.

Hm, basically hri ni dh 10 bln aku mjalani khidupan yg sehat, technically ni tahun ke 2 aku berlaku sedemikian. Alhamdulillah, so far so good.

Ada la jgak kdg2 tmimpi isap rokok. Pastu trs t'bangun n tgk2 cuma mimpi (ni diklasifikasikn sebagai mimpi yg ngeri gak, sbab aku trs t'bangun).

Ohya, tarikh ni gak sbg indicator yg adik aku dh 10 bln bgelar isteri org (aku brenti rokok selang beberapa hari slps adik nikah). Kalau ikutkn mmg nk brenti be4 adik nikah, tp kbiasaannya waktu2 cmtu la rokok ada d mna2, so aku decide nk brenti lps tu je *alang2 mcm 'bachelor party' la kn, tp utk rokok*

Orait, sat g aku nk trun memBaarra dlu utk sarapan + lunch.


Sakit pewut kamex


Beberapa ketika sblm ni, aku ada bli se-tin susu tepung Anlene  (utk kalsium pe ntah) sbab kandungan fosforus kah apa yg dlm tulang aku ni kurg la kn. tp xleh la aku nk mkn ubat gigi (walaupun ada kalsium florida kt situ). So aku bli la susu tepung ni dgn harapan tulang temulang aku agar berat mngikut standard piawaian tulang manusia normal.

Ok lah, aku fast forwardkn crita ni sbab aku ngntok n perut ni asek meragam je, sgguh x slesa. Cmni, rpa2nya, aku akn sakit perut stp kali minum susu (tepung) ni. So, sakit perut as in diarrhea ok. Adoi! Tu je nk share kli ni. Sgguh x slesa.

*Keluar masok jamban bbrapa kli dh*


Rembat dr Google, tp aku bli sbijik cmni. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012



Lately we all busy doing our own stuffs. Sometime, at certain points, i don't feel that well. That is referring to the treats i get. Some of them do get me wrong quite some time.

I humbly want to state it clearly that i am here, these days, to this point (God's will, till the rest of my life), with all my might, trying to be a better person that have 'soul' (religiously), can be depending on, etc (all better man stuffs) in order to prepare myself for my upcoming days.

Please, i am asking u if i make any mistake, please do correct me (hopefully in a manner ways). I do have dark spots in my life that certain people might unable to give their forgiven to me, but it's their rights & it's my fault. That's why i am too scare to repeat the same unreasonable thing again & again.

Please bare with me, please be with me, please pray for me, please help me, please & please & please... Lets us together do what we're supposed to do. Please don't think me as useless bargain, please be honest with me. I've tried & keep trying. I do everything i can / able to be this 'better person' man. Yes, i'm 25 soon but it doesn't that i'm too late to change. I start to play sports, i start to lowers my ego (small person do have huge ego), i start listening what others says, i start to leave behind all unnecessary things (smoking, etc), and all, i did & keep doing it, just to be a better person.

Changing is not easy as it seems. I do feel pain, lots of pain, but i keep enduring it, keep hiding it, so people won't realize how pain i am. Thank God, my prayers had been answered and replied, maybe only a portion of it, but eventually it will be more to come, enough for making me glad and thankful, and blessed for all things i've been given.

Please, i need your support & thank you for everything.


*This is dedicated to people who read this. Thank you.

Sources: Google

Just a song


Hope you'll enjoy it :)

Good night & good luck exam.