Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Peace upon you all

i am a very busy person (n) and this entry is just about updating blog on 29th February which will be seen another 4 years (if i still here / alive). Still haven't settle my thesis yet. What you all sees here is my workstation secret chamber of Narnia . Its even messier that Lionel Messi itself. You don't wanna come to this place, trust me!

P/S: Sorry about the pixel, its only 2.0 MP what do you expect?  So, i'm going to have some nice bath while you all gonna have a great days ahead people.

Peace upon you all too.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Congratulation LFC

Peace Upon You All

Congratulation Liverpool Football Club for being the CHAMPION of the League Cup for their 8th times

As you all might 'just' know, i am a Liverpool Football Club's (LFC) fan. i may not know much about the club, but i sincerely be its fan around 90's, maybe not that long for certain people but who really effing cares about whole fan's duration thingy. as long as you're ON with something, then go for it because its your own decision. Quit listening to 'rubbish' that came out of nowhere just condemn your interest. But do remember, not all 'rubbish' are useless, some of it might able to be 'recycled' or so.

So, LFC finally won a cup after six (6) dramatic years since the FA Cup winning on 2006. Old man Kenny and his Red 'army' are quite 'something' in 'messing' with people's minds and thoughts. i like the fact that some people said to me previously:

"... current Liverpool club is just like a 'little brother' who are shadowed behind their 'big brother' successful achievement and only lived by their name ..." or so.

The quote was said to me after the Suarez - Evra incident. i must admit that i was quite shocked by the statement whereby i'm not messing with their 'team'. i severally defend that things gonna change but they really nailed me hard that day. i just smiling back at them with 'you will see later' look on my face, boldly as that. Some also said to me that:

"... Liverpool is dead without Suarez ..."

Well, suddenly they are wrong after Liverpool's winning 3 - 1 against Newcastle United, and won several matches also without Suarez, that also leads the Reds to FA Cup quarter final and the 8th League Cup's tittle. They've forgotten that football is played by a club, not by a single player only. That sort of thought had also contributed to the wildly immature accusation which not only bad for them, but also bad for the football industry. Quite a misbehave thoughts i'd say, but nevermind, human evolves from their mistakes, including me all the time (about something else).

i'm gonna say this is quite a week for most of 'big' clubs in EPL. Anyway LFC did it again tonight, won their 8th cup's tittle that automatically proves all above thoughts to be effing wrong!

We Will Never Walks Alone

Here's some footage of the winning event, taken from the LFC's players and fans twitters. Hope you all enjoy it :)

Winning parade
Martin Kelly
Really love old man's smile
Even Lucas is there

Good night & have a great days ahead guys. Again, congratulation LFC.

Peace upon you all

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



i passed all my subjects. Thank God, He's the One to be praised. Its a relief yes!

Not that great but i did what i could (maybe)
i know its kinda lame because i didn't score even though its only 5 subjects, but hey, i'm still alive :)

Good night & enjoy your great days ahead.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Malay tales #1


This entry is about one of Malay's tales which is the Tales of Mouse-deer & Crocodile. Enjoy it.


commercial break #1


Suddenly i remembered some of my childhood commercial break. Maybe you guys remember Mr. Trojan here.

Hope you guys enjoy it.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

i'm on war !!!


Last night i dreamed of war, engaging whole nations including Malaysia. So i volunteered myself to be trained in camp in order to protect Miri. All things happened in my dream felt real and the situation is a total chaos. i only imagine bullets penetrate my head, body, etc., but despite that fact, i still managed to overcome all the wild imaginations and preparing myself to the D-day.

Our uniform look similar as Rela's form with additional orange stripes all over the place. Yeap, the combination is quite impossible but hey, its only a dream, everything is possible. There's so many drama occurred through the whole dreaming process.

Anyway, we don't get a chance on getting to the front line because i already awake.

The colour kinda look like this but in Rela's uniform

So, have a great day ahead guys.


Friday, February 17, 2012

farewell Pinky


Just want to farewell to little Pinky, which already lost her ability to produce sound partially (only 1 went wrong).

Little Pinky

You served me well my dear. You deserved to take a loooooooong break.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

tick tock tick tock...


After done counting days, i have approximately 15 days left in Miri before heading back to Shah Alam. i don't know about others, but i'm really tired of this process (Shah Alam > Miri > Shah Alam > Miri > etc). Wanna know something? i've been travelling since year 2005 all the way to Kuching by MAS (i still remember because it was my 1st flight) all alone by myself. Later Kota Kinabalu (KK) took place from 2006 till 2008, followed by Shah Alam from 2009 to date. The best part is, its my first time to be in Kuching, KK and Peninsular M'sia.

i'm not showing off but i independently did all mention above without being accompanied by any of my family and i'm proud of it because that not everyone can do what i did. Forgive me for how cocky i am. Kih3. Just having a normal proud.

But this entry is not about my past, but the future it is. 15 days left in Miri, its not a long time tho. Next semester will be my final semester (God's Will), meaning that i have a thesis / dissertation / final project to be completed (which is currently doing it) and to be submitted somewhere in the middle of next semester.

i want it to be like this in order to graduate with others

My thesis (i chose this word because its the shortest word with the same meaning with others mentioned above) is about regular safety management, which requires me to have several respondents for the purpose of data collection. Well, my method of collecting data is an interview, structured interview. Hence i have to arrange suitable time in order have interview sessions with my respondents.

Of all 18 companies i've contacted, only 5 of them are willing to cooperate with me, 4 companies still waiting for approvals mode and the rest are unable / uninterested to give their support. At least i must have 5 respondents.

Its my only time to meet the respondents 'in person' because Shah Alam and Miri is not in 30 minutes driving  distance and cost about plus minus RM 300 for the flight alone (excludes transportation cost from Section 7 Shah Alam to airport & vice-versa). If the respondents are willing to help me just through email & or just phone calls, it would me my greatest pleasure (like a boss).

Of course it would be easier if i can simply do like this

* Asyraf (my baby nephew) is currently sitting with me here, listening to "aamir khan i love you daddy" while her mum making his 'milk'*

God's Will, i will start the interview sessions next week. Hopes my data collecting works run smoothly and enable me to proceed with my data analysis in no time.

May God be with me all the time & have a great evening guys.


long midnight


Yeap, you read it right, its a long midnight. Actually, i slept yesterday (without purpose) and woke up at over 10 pm. i don't know why, but i'm awake, there goes my night.

i regularly hanging around in dad's room because its like our main gathering place, weird right? But it is happening almost everyday here. So i went to their room, having some quality time with my sister while watching a telemovie at Astro Ria i guess. Telemovie about this 1 man, Izwan (if i'm correct) & his girlfriend, a Portuguese girl (played by Nora Danish) & bla3 until the movie's end. i did reading on9 mangas (naruto, bleach & hitman reborn) at the same time.

Then suddenly my brother said want to go to hospital to check on his wife's condition (having trouble in breathing, i think maybe asthma strike), so he asked me & sis to look over their baby (Asyraf), so we did it. Its hard for me to contain myself when i see that baby, he has some sort of weird aura that attract people to hug him very hard, kiss him non-stop, etc.

It took quite some time for me & sis to get Asyraf to sleep after changed his diapers & a bottle milk. Asyraf slept before the telemovie finish. The thing i hate about that telemovie is how unfortunate that Izwan's fate whereby he lost some of his memories after drowned at river & lost for about 8 years, his mum died within that period, his dad (fisherman) spent most of time at sea & get sick, his girlfriend become other's fiancee and the main part is he lost his ability to speak (also got scar on his face). What i mean is how awful is that???

Pain in Disco (Om Shanti Om), one of the most awful 's fate of Shah Rukh Khan 's character when he is blind, deaf,  mute, no hands or legs, nothing! That is what i would rather called it as the true masterpiece of awfulness.
Bro & wife back from hospital at over 3 am (i didn't ask anything & just let them rest). Sis cont'd to look after Asyraf while i'm on my room & the bad news (for Gooners) is Inter Milan just got 4 goals against Arsenal. Well, they'll do something bout it later i guess.

Anyway, today will continued on setting appointments for my thesis. Currently i just got i appointment out of 10 companies (respondents) that i have called. Currently time is tissue. i only got approximately 2 more weeks left in Miri. i am soooooo dead !!

Last but not least, good morning & have a great day ahead.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

luxury cat anyone?


Insufficient $$$ to buy luxury cat? Worry not, here's your solution.

Scource: Miri City Sharing
Try at your own risk.

Good night & wslm

Sunday, February 12, 2012

skilled worker


Looking for a skilled worker? Skilled as in carpenter? i guess i have a solution for that problem. Kih3. i have a friend, people referred him as 'si Kachak', but some do called him as MaeL (the man of honor).

Is this skilled enough for you?

Today only me & my old man continued works on the store room. 1 thing for sure, old man's experience is wayyyy beyond the text book. He just show me how to do things and i'm just 'settled' them all.

i did the sawing, hammering, lifting things, etc., u name it. Back then i followed old man doing electrical works, piping works, mechanical (air-conditioning & refrigerator) works, but mainly mechanical & electrical works. i may look like i'm clueless but i do know things. Kih3. Never judge a book by your knees (screw that cover, i can tear it all the way i want).

Come see me if you don't wanna see your next days

i'm also thankful upon courses i taken, with given me extra input theoretically on items mentioned above. Hence, theory that i learnt + things i do practically with old man really do make me feel like a true man. Kih3. Anyway, i'm not that good though. My biggest barrier to success in all these stuffs is i am a purely  lazy dude, wayyyy lazier than Shikamaru Naara. Laziness made me forgotten things i learnt, causing me to learn same things repeatedly over and over again (suddenly Mike Shinoda's voice saying "just like befoooore").

But things you do has their own prices. i got bruises everywhere, muscular pains in almost every part of this body, runs out of energy and tired as hell, but gladly helped my old man.

* Isn't hell suppose to be effing hot? whats with people keep saying hell as their references? *

i just watched "Parenting Facebook: For the troubled teen" on youtube, makes me think that 'Hanna' (you'll know who's Hanna after watching that clip) will taste my current condition for that period of 3 grounding's months.

* i did all these on my own resolve without external influences * 

i guess its time for me settle down a bit. Have a pleasant night guys.


sunday morning


Its Sunday and everyone having their good time i guess. i still amazed by how Tottenham beaten Newcastle United 5 against NiL, Tottenham surely are 'cwazzey' (crazy) nowadays. A little bit not so great seeing Liverpool losing right before my eyes, especially against Manchester United. Well, you had to lose sometime, or else, you gonna put your head high enough till you become annoying to other, its only my opinion though.

Today i'm gonna help my old man continued the detached store room's construction diligently (familiar with this term QS guys?) until its completion. i'll be needed more power to lift stuffs. i admit that i'm not so good using ladder. And all that stuff.

Okay, got to go now. Have a nice day guys.

You don't wanna mess with me while i'm working, trust me. 


eleventh EXCELLENT months


Just an update before i go straight away to my 'never ending stories'. Actually its past 3 days after my eleventh EXCELLENT months without smoking.

* Double thumbs up to myself *

For those who's trying to quit or in quitting smoking, i believe you all can do it and remember that you will never 'walk' alone !!!

Anyway, have a good night with a great dream guys. Send my best regards to beautiful ladies is your dream later. Thank you and a big hug from me.

Yayyy !!!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

another friday


Yeap, its been almost 2 weeks since my last update. i'm having a little bit of problems to 'write' for my next entries (after the "Babysitting") which some of it is run out of ideas, had a little time to browse the internet (just finished whole 3 seasons of 'Lie to Me' series), and my keyboard is partially broken after being clawed by my cat ('Si Kuning' damaged approximately 9 buttons of this keyboard).

Okay, back to this entry. i voluntarily follow my old man doing his works today. Last time i help my old man with his jobs was last mid year, which i also felt a bit nostalgic before.

Miri Crude Oil Terminal (MCOT), its been ages since i passed this areas

* i'm holding myself patiently while typing using this keyboard, its ruining my mood actually *

Lemme see, ya, old man having a job at Kampung Pulau Melayu, making a small detached store room for his client.   Its been so long that i haven't working using those tools like hammer, saw, things that seen in 'half life' game (kinda look like nail remover or the like), ladder, etc, u name it. My job was simply lifted stuffs like 4" x 2" x 12ft rafters etc., removed nails from that rafter, and holds the rafter while old man & bro doing their stuff. The thing was, i broke the hammer while removing the nails. Haha, still having problem in adjusting my power lately, you know, holidays make me stronger i guess.

But before that, we've bought some fishing gears before head to work. Our initial plan is to fish after finished our targeted percentage of completion today.

1 thing you must bare in mind if working with them, that is you must withstand the condition of not eating or drinking until the works is done. Its not like they're prohibited, but its more like they get used to that situation and i forgot about it. So, i didn't bring any water and it caused my throat to be dry as Sahara while i'm sweating as if its raining.

We didn't finish our job our job today due to lack of working materials and unforeseen things. So we head back to the supplier before its closed.

* Currently i'm sulking by 'something'. i hate this part when i rather not getting 'thing' i want, just to show (indirectly) that i am sulking the minute after i didn't get that 'thing' in the first place. You don't wanna make me sulk, i meant it. i'm not sulking by any part of this entry, but by 'something' else while writing this *

After settled with the supplier, old man got a phone call from my eldest bro, saying that he's accident.

* Old man just returned from Kuching's general hospital  earlier last month due to his health condition. He also spent his last year's Aidiladha at Miri's general hospital due to some health problem. So any shocking news should be avoided or should be said slowly & calmly *

Old man had shocked a bit but bro said his okay, so it reduced the tensed. Bro's motorcycle being 'pushed' by a car at the middle of traffic jam (around 5.30 pm).

* Traffic condition will get 'ugly' every workdays from before 7 am - pass 8 am on morning and around 5 - pass 6 pm afterwards at Pujut 7's roundabout till Permyjaya *

We've arrived at the scene and thankfully bro just having slight injuries, same with his motorcycle. The other party agreed to pay for workshop's bill and compensation to the injuries. They managed to pay and its a win-win situation, both parties satisfied and case closed.

i pity the other party because she had a flight to catch at 7 pm but trapped in this mess, which caused her to cancelled that flight. Heard that she & her two friends (also arrived at the scene) all trapped in accidents this week (its 3 accidents separately). Its totally not their best week i guess.

Another thing is i just got a call from my sis, she's just arrived at LCCT and picked by her husband. Alhamdulillah that she's safely arrived there.

So, insyaAllah i'll update more later.