Friday, August 17, 2012

Graduating... errr wait a minute

Assalamu'alaikum Ramadhan & dear reader / viewer

i think it's maybe 2 months since the last update... There are so many things to be shared. Hmmm, lemme see. Okay, 1st, i did graduated except for a subject. Haha. i had a 'delay' on graduating my Construction Economics IV paper. Hopefully no one think bad of my lecturer because she's already like a sister to me (coincidentally same age with my sis too), very supportive (only her student & people she'd encountered know that fact) & a dear #ynwa (u know i know la, haha). It took me about several hours to accept that reality. I did 'delayed' once, although it's only co-curriculum subject (golf I), not so okay i guess, but did managed to overcome it. Bluekss (kiut kn?).

Awkward isn't it? My story-telling style it is. It's been 2 months. So get on with in hopefully. Okay, proceed with our story... So, i did bought a flight ticket to LCCT (dad's bill eventually), a day after the result is been obtained, in order to seat my supplementary exam on the eco's paper. Yup, currently in the process of filling myself with the eco thingy (sy budak baru belajaq, kalu salah tolong jolok noo. p/s: jgn pernah pggil namaku mahupun nama jolokanku, tp jgn juga jolok sarang tebuan, bisanya byk di sana. ngak bisa donk. donkey donkey dong3).

Just now lina@jobstreet wrote (email):

Bulan Ramadhan bulan yang diberkati,
Disambut dengan hati yang suci,
Hendak kirim kad tidak sempat lagi,
Kiriman EMAIL jadi pengganti.

Mari bersama menyambut lebaran,
Memupuk perpaduan sesama kita,
Aidilfitri hari kemenangan,
Saling bermaafan dihari mulia.

i can't promise that i'm present with others in the 77th convocation ceremony, but insyaAllah, i'll try to fill my name on that convocation's list. Seriously, these (whole failed things) experiences doesn't occur regularly, guess that i'm very special after all. Alhamdulillah.

Are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ????? (Jonathan Davis, 1994) 

Anyway, in this opportunity, i'd like to mintak maap banyak2 to all those who know me (kenal sipi2 pun jdi la) from the top of my hair, till the bottom of my heart end fingernail, with every little zarah between it, mintak halalkan everything, every single thing (& awek2 single out there also, love uolzzz, please accept my 'heart') & let's have a fresh start uolzzz. Nil = Nil (in term of dosa) it is ya. Dayang Mael sayang kamu. Huk huk huk...

Happy Ramadhan & Syawal to people in the houseeee yeah ! (outsider may get a bye2 hahaha)


It took me hours to prepare this 'card'

Friday, June 22, 2012

mood study


Ada seorg sahabat berkata "bg sy mood stdy skit" kpd sy td. 

Ni mood study sy sekarang :(

Utk persoalan yg seperti ini, sy gemar mggunakan perkataan 'TER'. Percayalah, aplikasinya amatlah mluas. Antara contoh yg bleh sy share adalah mudah sahaja, dimana ianya melibatkan kitaran kehidupan seharian kita. 

Yes, mmg sukar utk kita ulangkaji sbenarnya, lbh2 lagi d waktu2 cuti sebegini, walaupun kita tau bhawa bahawasanya ulangkaji merupakan salah 1 daripada cabang pembelajaran, yakni pembelajaran itu sendiri adalah suatu ibadah. 

Namun sy akui, sy sendiri merupakan seorg insan yg amat kerdil, lemah, dan tiada upaya, tidak pula punyai kekuatan utk melaksanakan tanggungjawab sy. Tetapi YA, sy perlu tanamkn 'sesuatu' dlm diri ini spaya dpt sy jadikn sbg sumber tenaga bgi sy menerima tanggungjawab2 yg sy punyai tersebut. Masing2 kna cari la 'sesuatu' itu. Mgkin ia berbeda mengikut pendapat individu walaupun pada sy sbnrnya tidaklah ianya berbeda sgt. 

Berbalik pada 'mood study' tdi. Kita bleh try buat bgini:

Dekat2kanlah diri dgn buku2 skolah yg bkaitan. At least kalau rsa nk TERintai bku klak, ada bku tlh tsedia berhampiran dgn kita.

Biarkanlah bku dlm keadaan yg TERbuka. At least dpt la sesekali TERbaca isi2 d dlm bku2 tersebut.

Biarkanlah sbatang 2 pen / pensel berada dluar kotak pena, juga berhampiran dgn kita. At least dpt la jgak TERtulis sesuatu klak.

Susunlah 'sedikit' soalan2 exam d sekeliling. At least dpt la jgak TERbaca, TERmemahami soalan, TERfikir jawapan, TERcuba menjawab soalan2 yg ada di dalamnya.

Lepak dgn kawan2 yg study. At least dpt la TERdengar perkara2 sekolah dri kawan tu klak, langsung TERdetik utk kita menemaninya dlm perbualan tersebut (mungkin berbalah pendapat, fakta, etc) yg langsung mbolehkn kita TERulangkaji tanpa dsedari.

Lepak2 skit kt PTAR yg bkaitan. At least dpt rehat2 dlm suasana sejuk aircond, tgk gelagat org d sekeliling (ini amat seronok), TERbaca bku2 yg ada byk gambar (x kisahla gmbar bangunan, haiwan, tumbuh2an) kerana ia mndorong kita utk TERdetik kembali pada bku2 skolah kita, Selain dpd TERasa suasana ulangkaji dsekeliling kita.

Cara yg lbih 'halus' plak:

Try pjgkan skit doa lps shalat, selitkn skali pmintaan utk dtg mood study tu.

Try baca spotong dua ayt Quran yg punyai translation spaya insyaAllah bleh tbuka hati nk study.

Try kol org rumah, spaya pulih smula smgt utk lalui final tu, Lbh molek kalau minta org rmh tolong doakn skali utk kita :)

Try minta advice dr kwn2 lain (ni yg kwn sy bt, tp mmg nyesal la dia skrg bla tgk tlalu byk pkara yg nk dbuat utk ada 'mood study' tu td. hahaha), dan lain2 lagi

Apa2 pun marilah sma2 kita berusaha utk berjaya :) InsyaAllah, Graduate On Time (GOT). Tak GOT pun xpa, yg penting try habiskn sisa2 skolah yg alang2 nk habis dh. InsyaAllah kpuasan yg lahir stelah habis skolah d sesetiap peringkat (byk peringkat: spm, stpm / matrik / diploma, digri, master, phd...) stimpal dgn apa yg kita usahakan. Seperkara lgi, jangan pernah puas dalam menuntut ilmu

Wallahua'lam. Sekadar berkongsi... Yg baik tu sma2 kita ambik, yg x baik tu biar saja la (molek lagi kalau upgrade yg x baik kepada yg baik. Haaa, mcm mna tu???) 

Ohya, 1 lgi, ni kata2 yg dpetik dr pensyarah, Tuan Haji Nazir Bin Ismail yg berbunyi: 

BETULkan yang BIASA dan BIASAkan yang BETUL

Selami, renungi, fikir2kan & selamat beramal :) 

Wa 'alaikumussalam.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

MAel GAnu

May peace be upon you

Good morning & good good good good good good & great day. i felt great after seeing Holland lose to Denmark & after knowing that Portugal also lose to Germany with the same score which is 1 - nil. My reasons are simple, Denmark lead by Agger (Liverpool's player) while Germany got many Muslim's players. Hence, i go on both :)

Anyway, i just got back from our class trip to Ganu, last 5th - 8th June. We stayed at Saudagar Beach Resort, Rusila, Marang. What i can say is that Ganu is a great place, very peaceful, etc. i am very happy to be in there.

This is our Chalet, Saudagar Beach Resort
Among great view from our chalet, Subhanallah.
Kapas Island can be seen from our chalet. The sea is so nice that you can see your feet clearly in that water. We did go to several sites, 4 sites to be precised, but our main routine were outings, eating and swimming or playing at the beach. It was so amazing & fun, especially this is our last semester together (insyaAllah).

Mr Bapu with his explanation on Taman Warisan's project
At 'controversial' stadium
Revetment & breakwater project explained by JPS's officer
At tok Jembal, an emergency coastal protection project
Taman Tamadun Islam
Circling the monuments using this vehicle. p/s: this good look guy is our lecturer (he did taught me on semester 4)
Still with the stadium
me & ladies, what can i say?

After all this trip, i've finally upgraded into 'Mael Ganu' from 'Mael Langkawi' previously. i haven't update on my Langkawi's holiday, insyaAllah later will update on that part. 

Okay, have a great day & may Allah bless you all :)

*Most of pictures above are courtesy from Noor Iffah Jaffri, one of my classmate

Sunday, June 3, 2012

To the "Peak"

May peace be upon you

Peak (instead of using 'pick') a boo it is. Y? (losing some ideas due to the annoyance of "not-so-think-about-surrounding-people" bikers just now) Y U No bike awayyy, far far awayyyy from this silent land u dear annoyance bikers.

About this 'peak', many have known that Euro will  start on another 5 days, Ramadhan will start on another 47 days (God's Will), etc... But for me, it'll be peak due:

þ This coming Tuesday - Friday we're having a study trip to Terengganu, that's means i will prepare the trip's report soon.
þ Lots of class replacements need to be organized since i'm in charged (in my dream), need to pick suitable Venue, Date & Time, which majority other classes will do so. Hence, battle of the classes (in term of obtaining the suitable VDT.
þ Dreadful weeks of tests, submissions, presentations will occur after the trip
þ Welcome back to our 'lovely' final examination weeks (hopefully it'll be our last for this level)
þ Need to report myself to JPA at 30th June. The thing is, my 1st paper will be started at 2th July, so y did we need to report myself earlier than that?
þ Waiting for job interviews
þ Waiting for the final examination result
þ Etc...

Need to endure these several weeks before i can finally be in the 'industry', be a part of the Professional's statistic in Malaysia itself, pay taxes, study loan, etc... A real man's world ! Hopefully, God's Will.

Source: Google [click]

The best part is there'll be Syaaban & Ramadhan sooner. 

Alhamdulillah. Segala puji-pujian bagi Allah Maha Besar pencipta sekalian alam. Setinggi-tinggi kurniaan kpd junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad SAW. Ya Allah, Engkau terimalah taubat kami, terimalah setiap amalan kami, walau sekecil-kecil mana pun ia, Ampunkanlah dan hapuskanlah dosa-dosa dan dosa-dosa kedua ibu bapa yg menjaga kami sejak kami kecil, juga semua umat Islam di dalam dunia ini, samada yg masih hidup mahupun yg telah meninggal dunia Ya Allah, Tuhan yg Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang. Kurniakanlah supaya kami dapat memanfaatkan bulan Rejab, Syaaban, Ramadhan terutamanya dan bulan2 lain Ya Allah. Limpahkanlah hati kami dengan iman, tingkatkanlah keTaqwaan kami kepadaMu Ya Allah, Tuhan yg Maha Esa lagi Maha Berkuasa. Berilah kekuatan kpd kami utk mengamalkan "amar makruf, nahi munkar". Lindungilah kami dr sekecil-kecil kmaksiatan. Peliharalah kami Ya Allah, Tuhan yg Maha Pelindung. Kurniakanlah kami dgn sifat2 Mahmudah dan jauhkanlah kami dpd sifat2 Mazmumah, jauhkanlah kami dpd berbuat zalim. Peliharalah setiap perbuatan, pemikiran, pertuturan, dan hati kami dpd perkara2 yg Engkau murka Ya Allah. Lapangkan lah dada kami utk menerima dan mpelajari ilmu Mu yg tiada thingga byknya Ya Allah. Bantulah dan permudahkan lah kami agar dpt mengamalkn ilmu Mu dan permudahkanlah setiap urusan kami. Lindungilah juga kami dpd Iblis, Syaitan laknatullah dan sekutunya itu. Kurniakanlah kejayaan utk kami d dunia ini hinggalah ke Syurga Mu kelak. Kabulkan doa-doa kami Ya Allah. Susunlah jalan kehidupan kami semua umat Islam, di seluruh dunia, samada yg masih hidup ataupun yg telah meninggal dunia, mengikut susunan yg terbaik yg membolehkan kami  bersama dengan Mu, Nabi Muhammad SAW,  para Rasul AS, dan sluruh ahli Syurga dan menjauhkan kami dpd azab dan siksa dunia, alam kubur, padang Mahsyar, Titian Sirat, terutamanya Neraka Mu yg amat mengerikan itu Ya Allah. Setinggi-tinggi kurniaan kpd junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad SAW. Segala puji-pujian bagi Allah Maha Besar pencipta sekalian alam.

May peace be upon you.  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mejlis spesel Sepul - Nurul


For this entry, it'll be in bahasa due to limited thinking time / capacity of mine. Worry not, it'll be purely bahasa as in Kamus Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka, 14th edition (you bet!). p/s: i'll make it as Karangan version Peristiwa ya (partially in abbreviations mode).

Photobooth Sepul - Nurul

25 May 2012

Pd hri Jumaat, 25 May 2012 yg lps, sy telah pergi ke Bandaraya Bersejarah Melaka, di sana, sy nmpak byk sejarah, tp sejarah sy 1A & bhasa Melayu juga 1A, so jgn risau.

Okay lah, sejarah mungkin berulang, walau engkau ku maafkn oh kekasih... & aku, maafkan kamu, x ada peduli lgi sebut nma mu, ada teratak d hujung kpg, woooo~ ...

Ohya, jumaat lps, hmmm, Melaka, yes, sy sudah smpai sna, "Hai Melaka" benak kecil fikiranku dipacu gerimis silam akn pcutian lps ku Disember lalu. Masakan aku bleh lupa saat itu, saat kmi bpeleseran d kaki bukit yg indah (hiasan kata2 semata2), oh Melaka~

Ok2, Jumaat lps, phew! Sy pun tiba di Melaka Sentral, bertemulah dgn Nurul, Salley, Ira & Dayah (kwn Salley), dimana ketika itu, Nurul (pganten prempuan) dgn berbesar hatinya menerima kehadiran Salley & Ira, & hantar Dayah kembali ke tpt asalnya (mgkin tpt asal, mgkin x), sementara sy pun menanti kehadiran Nasey.

Nasey pun tiba, bsama Naqi / Naki (sy pun x pasti, tp sy guna 'Naqi' utk pbualan seterusnya), utk mengambilku di Sentral tersebut. Kami pun melalui denai2 kehidupan yg serasi dgn pmbangunan arus globalisasi yg tlh dterapkn skian lma, sejak zaman Parameswara lgi. Sekali2 terlihat byg2 Tuah & rakan2 bmain2 keris d kawasan skitar, ohhh, mgkin sy telah keletihan agaknya ketika itu, padahal sy bukanlah ahli XX-Ray yg blk ke zaman lampau, itu ahli Aziz M. Osman & rakan2. Sy pun t'fikir, knapa lah semua ini terjadi??? Entahlah, ini dluar bidang kuasa sy selaku seorg pelajar ipt yg lemah, kerdil, naif & serba kekurangan ini.

Destinasi kami bukanlah Pulau Pangkor mahupun Selatan Thai, tp hanya d Batu Berendam. Ketika itu sy pun tcari2 mna letaknya rendaman batu itu, namun gagal, apa yg pandangan mata ini mampu kecapi hanyalah longgokan kelapa yg bjuta2 lemon. Sy pun bingkas btanya kpd mereka (smentara mnunggu Yazid, kwn mereka smpai) "apakah tpt ini wahai sang Melaka bimaputra adi gorno?" <--- bahasa lama yg hanya sy faham, dlm masa yg sma, tibalah air 'Coconut Shake', seraya mereka bkata "inilah Air Kelapa Batu Berendam"... Ok sgguh sedap, tmbahan pula, ada air klapa ais free utk minuman ramai.

Kmi pun pulang ke destinasi mlm itu (drahsiakn tptnya, risau akn pihak2 jahat d luar sna yg ingin mganggu kharmonian tpt ini), utk solat (syukurlah sy mendapat rukhsah solat ketika ini) & bersalin (tiada bayi yg kluar, cuma baju2 yg telah dgunakan). Ok, mlm itu, kmi pun menuju ke Aeon (Jusco, tp bkn d bukit raja mahupun bukit tggi) bdekatan, btukar2 cerita d 'kedai kopi'. Rupa2nya, sy masih blm matang, sematang rakan2 skolah yg lain, patutlah perasaan aku sperti tingkatan 4 masih, skaligus dgn fizikal ini. Syukurlah ada buluan d muka utk mngaburi usia sy. Hatta, kmi pun cuba utk mcari kawasan kejadian utk mejlis pnikahan & psandingan Nurul - Sepul (dimulakan dgn pihak Nurul d Lendu, dsudahi dgn pihak Sepul d Sibu).

Malangnya kmi gagal memastikan tpt sbnar lokasi kejadian, namun kmi berjaya mengetahui keadaan sebenar perangkap2 laju (bukan perangkap awas KRU) d kawasan skitar, terima kasih kpd GPS tersebut. Kmi pun kbali ke habitat terkini Nasey utk bmalam.

26 May 2012

Sy tjaga, rupa2nya dh Subuh, segera solat bersama Nasey & Hilmi. Selesai itu, Nasey pun kerja sedangkan sy & Hilmi bersarapan, bertukar2 cerita & kbali ke blk. Asalnya sy nk main PS3 itu, namun x ksampaian krana ngantuk. Pabila bgn, tgk2 Hilmi pun tlh pergi kerja. Ketika itu sy pun mcapai stetoskop Nasey sketika, rupa2nya alat itu betul2 bfungsi.

Mgkin otak pun bdenyut

Nasey kmbali ke bilik, sy pun trs jamak solat, smbil kmi menanti Wati tiba utk mjadi navigator ke lokasi mejlis. Wati tiba, kmi pun btolak, rpanya Lendu itu agak jauh. Mmg salute lah thadap Nurul yg memandu ke skolah stp pagi sekolah, amat jauh kerja nya dgn rumah.

Setibanya d Lendu, kmi tsalah rmh, itu rumah pasangan pengantin yg lain. Langsung kmi trskan pjalanan shingga bjaya. Kmi pun menuju puncak... d akademi fantasiaaaaaaa... Syukurlah kmi smpai tpt pda waktunya. Ayah Nurul yg menikahi Sepul kpd Nurul. Agak tharu di situ sketika.

Alhamdulillah, Sepul slmt menikahi Nurul. Strusnya, kmi menemani pasangan pengantin ke lokasi2 penggambaran utk album pnikahan mereka. Photographer yg terpilih adalah saudara Razali daripada Foto by Razali yg bpusat dpd Batu Pahat Johor (kalau sy x silap maklumat). Saudara ini mmg bpengalaman dlm bidang2 pgambaran ini. Hasilnya adalah album ini [klik]

Ok skippp.

27 May 2012

Sepul segak berbaju Raja Sehari manakala Nurul cantik mengenakan bju permaisurinya. Mempelai pun mnerima kunjungan dr pelbagai pihak, tmasuklah sy, Nasey, Rusdi, Wati, Salley, Ira, Hasilah & Raihana. Syukur alhamdulillah, ini merupakan perjumpaan yg bmakna stlh btahun2 tpisah. ada yg bru bjumpa stlh 7 tahun tpisah.


Ohya, smasa penyeri acara mejlis juga adalah sesi bgambar dr booth gmbar yg tlh dsediakn utk dmasukkan ke dlm bku kdatangan perkahwinan. Pihak ThePhotoboothCorner yg bertanggungjawab dlm mnjayakan bhgian ini. Antara hasil adalah album ini [klik]

Selesai mejlis, kmi pun kembali ke tpt masing2 & hidup dgn aman damai & bahagia & gmbira (pdahal sy & rakan tertinggal bas, etc.. hahaha. syukurlah tlh slmt smpai ke shah alam)

InsyaAllah, mnunggu undangan pernikahan / persandingan kwn2 yg lain lgi. Hihihi. Undangan dri pihak sy pula, sy serahkn sepenuhnya kepada Tuhan yg Maha Mengetahui lgi Maha Penentu segalanya.


Friday, May 18, 2012


Peace be upon u

This brain of mine is always formulating fantasies, which i would say various. It can be weird, happy, thrill, action, fiction, and many more.

Things in this brain

But lately i've always have a picture of me in various lovey dovey events, fist-fight events, actions like jumping from the cross over to lorries, etc. There's 1 time i'm almost accidentally jump from that cross over due to event / calculation created in my mind countless times.

This is the state of my mind
Abstract is the correct words

Apart from that, i always picture myself working like a true adult, big corporation companies, make millions of income, etc.

On vacation, bills paid by the company :)

The brain keep pushing me away & away from the reality. Maybe i'm afraid of that reality itself, who knows.

Fears outcome from the reality

Anyway, there's a 25 old 'not so adult look' guy, have lots of great friends, on his final semester (insyaAllah), in his 'job-hunting' mode, currently struggling with his own fantasy / reality, single, live just nearby this block.... and apparently that guy is me :) 

May peace be upon u. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Peace be upon you

These past few weeks i've been bald and bald and bald, not that regular no 1 size bald, but this is totally 'clean' like Harith Iskandar's head. i just give several days for my head to have a taste of hair until they're gone, again and again.

Right now my hand still have a little smell of blood after i cut the head's skin. It's been a while since i shave this head by myself, so i've lost quit a bit of shaving skills. But who cares, all i want is an empty feeling. Yes! Empty like i'm become 1 with the nature.

About what people gonna say? It's up to them, it's their thought & taste, i just nod and smile just to keep them happy but still deciding on balding. Anyway, i think my confident level is quite high, the evidence is that i am not waive even i meet lots of people with this image, bald of course. Sorry guys, i'm not shame by my own look :)

To be honest, i've been bald since i was a little baby, so no heart feeling okay. It's my true form. Sorry if its caused you feel scary, disgust, annoy and etc to you, just being my true self :)

Picture taken by Ameng 'Kaki Besi' during my previous presentation on Redevelopment on Puncak Alam (S'gor) areas

So guys, don't afraid to try something you want, as long as it didn't goes against your religion :)

Peace upon you all.

Monday, May 14, 2012

tired... hungry... unable to do homework due to lack of active and vigorous, love, passion, etc... Y U No finish study???

Friday, May 11, 2012

Liverpool New Home Kit :)

Peace be upon you.

Here is the new home kit for LFC. Grrrr, they have 'WARRIOR' on their chest. i want it tooo !

Seriously, don't mess with this guy! He's the real JEDI in football's field.
Jose Enrique, hope u can score for this coming season & continuously keep scoring goals for LFC
Legend among the legends ! 
Pepe look nice on green.
Rabbitman from the rabbit year.
Our Bella :)

Here's some video for ya ! 

My comment is:

The shirt kinda comfortable and i like it due to plain design (i prefer plain) but the pants seems to be a basketball pants which i hope it will not be stripped away easily.

We will never walk alone :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012


it is better being a noob / naive rather than know things that u shouldn't have to, things that u can't handled with u're bare mind. trust me, i prefer being part of the noobies, but i really don't even know y did i dare to know in the 1st place. eager it is. pure human i am. hate it when things turn this way. shuhhh 3x, away with it, leave my mind / memory alone.

Saturday, May 5, 2012



Thursday, May 3, 2012

Unfortunate event is to teach me to become a better person


Fortunate event is to appreciate my works


Monday, April 30, 2012

i also feel that i am having period right this moment


here's the thing:

these past days i felt like my cerebrum being slapped hard by an angel of death due to an excessive usage of my lazy brain. dissertation for me is like forcing my fingers to 'make love' with all these keyboard's buttons while giving extra impact to my ergonomic condition. thumbs up for this moment of joy 

*typing with these dull fingers*

and also

hoooooooray for my sleepy head

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Eventually you are not meant to be with me. It's okay, i have accepted that fact, pray for your happiness and mine also, and keep continuing to search for 'the one' that was written to be with me while i'm 4 months old in my mother's womb. May Allah bless my journey continuously. Ameen.



My back pain is killing me


Monday, April 9, 2012


Peace be upon you all

i guess it's not that easy for me to gain my data eh? Due date is on 30th April, but i have to seek my supervisor before 20th April as pre-submission. i still have 5 more interview sessions to be completed which so far seems to be quite impossible to be achieved. i have called many companies, A, B, C, etc., which i guess already over than 20 companies. The best part is, there are not many companies left in Miri, if we're talking about big construction companies. Currently i am nearby my losing state, but i'll still pursue the data until its limit.

God will give test to every person including me. He will only test every person until their limit. i guess i am a strong person after all, hopefully. Please guide and lead me to the right path.

Thank you Allah, thank you for everything.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Islands *double thumbs up*

Peace be upon you all

There's not much to share, but places to go in future maybe for family outings, friends gathering, honeymoon, etc.

Made in Malaysia, Borneo particularly & Sabah precisely.

Source: Facebook

Thinking of honeymooning at these places in future insyaAllah.

Peace be upon you all

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Peace be upon you

i don't even know what is happening to me currently.

Somehow my heart feel like its going to explode when ever i see her. 

Somehow i feel glad hearing things from her. 

Somehow i've been warmed by her presence.

Somehow i love it when she's teasing me the way do. 

Somehow i'm trying to cover my blushing face in front of her.

Somehow i'm unable to make eye contact with her.

Somehow i'm patiently waiting her for noticing me.

Somehow i'm happy when she's talking with me.

Somehow i'm avoiding things that she hates.

Somehow i'm feel like i want to become tougher in front of her.

Somehow i'm seeing myself in many places with her.

Somehow she's included in my prays.

Somehow i'm hoping the best for her.

There are many 'somehow' happening to me when ever, where ever, she's on my mind. Its been so long since i had these feelings. i'm not making all these up, but sincerely what i feel these days.

Hopefully Allah will blessed me with someone like her, or better than her. After all, Allah knows what's the best for me.

Source: Google

Peace be upon you all

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One Man

May peace be upon you all

i haven't update much lately, due to some of my workload, etc. To be honest with, i'm a recent Running Man's (RM) fans okay. Hahaha. My fren (sobi sobi) keep pushing me to watch this show, so i did it in order to favor his request. i get a copy of episode 1 till 82 from him. It took me quite sometime to finish all these episodes & luckily i've just finished it yesterday. There's a thing that i usually do when i got stuffs like series or animes, etc., i tend to finish all that stuffs in shortest period so that i can focus / go on with my actual other things. Hopefully now i can concentrate to my workloads, as well as searching for my love one.

Anyway, here's a song that i felt touched hearing it, by Kim Jong Kook (from RM), called One Man.

One Man

It must've been a long time.
Long enough for these words to become colorless.
Even if i just see your eyes, i know everything.
Like your friend, like your shadow.
We must've been together always.
When you've having hard time and you are sad, even when you're lonely.
Holding onto separation a bit longer, even when i'm hurting to wipe away your tears.

There's a man who loves you so much.
There's a man who can't even say i love you.
By your side i put my hand out and at a path where you can always reach me.
i, who cherishes you more than myself, am with you.

To make you laugh, i think of only that and when and where ever you are, i'm watching you and missing you and who worries of only you.

There's a man who loves you so much.
There's a man who can't even say i love you.
By your side i put my hand out and at a path where you can always reach me.
i, who cherishes you more than myself, am with you.

For the 1000th time i swallow and again for 10000th time i try to set everything straight.
i want to tell you.
i think i'm going to go insane but...
i want to embrace you all at once but...

There's a girl, who doesn't know i'm like this.
Who receives love but doesn't even know that it is love.

Leaving you, who is as foolish as i and sad,
At this moment tears come but i'm happy.
It's because you're by my side.

Great lyrics okay!

Enjoy the song & peace be upon you all. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Broga Hill

Peace upon you all

Today i've just conquered Broga Hill's peak, 2nd time. Last time was on 1st quarter last year i guess, with my fellow part 1 & 2 classmates (+ several others). This time with my current classmates (+ several others).

Today's trip went well whereby 14 out of 17 person are able to join me at the peak, compared to below 10 (out of more than 20) person last time.

Last trip was so horrible for me because back then i was selfishly act on my own without working in a group with others. During that time, i was really regretted my action after several of them said 'we' (this also referred to me, i know it by their voice tone) wasn't there when they need 'us' (still referred to me).

After that incident, i 'repent'. So for today's trip, i was able to work in group with them, leading the way to the peak, slowly but surely, and we all went back safely. i finally able to feel the joy of the trip (in group mode).

Thank God, for this trip, i'm gladly say it pleasure me a lot and a big relief to me.

Anyway, today's traffic at the hill was crystal clear, due to today is working day (my 1st trip was filled with massive amount of people). Trekking at your own risk (safety at this place is quite sad i'd say). So have to be 110% focus till you reach the finishing line.

*Thanks to Noor Ifah (classmate) for the pictures. Really appreciate that.

Peace upon you all.