Sunday, June 10, 2012

MAel GAnu

May peace be upon you

Good morning & good good good good good good & great day. i felt great after seeing Holland lose to Denmark & after knowing that Portugal also lose to Germany with the same score which is 1 - nil. My reasons are simple, Denmark lead by Agger (Liverpool's player) while Germany got many Muslim's players. Hence, i go on both :)

Anyway, i just got back from our class trip to Ganu, last 5th - 8th June. We stayed at Saudagar Beach Resort, Rusila, Marang. What i can say is that Ganu is a great place, very peaceful, etc. i am very happy to be in there.

This is our Chalet, Saudagar Beach Resort
Among great view from our chalet, Subhanallah.
Kapas Island can be seen from our chalet. The sea is so nice that you can see your feet clearly in that water. We did go to several sites, 4 sites to be precised, but our main routine were outings, eating and swimming or playing at the beach. It was so amazing & fun, especially this is our last semester together (insyaAllah).

Mr Bapu with his explanation on Taman Warisan's project
At 'controversial' stadium
Revetment & breakwater project explained by JPS's officer
At tok Jembal, an emergency coastal protection project
Taman Tamadun Islam
Circling the monuments using this vehicle. p/s: this good look guy is our lecturer (he did taught me on semester 4)
Still with the stadium
me & ladies, what can i say?

After all this trip, i've finally upgraded into 'Mael Ganu' from 'Mael Langkawi' previously. i haven't update on my Langkawi's holiday, insyaAllah later will update on that part. 

Okay, have a great day & may Allah bless you all :)

*Most of pictures above are courtesy from Noor Iffah Jaffri, one of my classmate

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