Friday, August 17, 2012

Graduating... errr wait a minute

Assalamu'alaikum Ramadhan & dear reader / viewer

i think it's maybe 2 months since the last update... There are so many things to be shared. Hmmm, lemme see. Okay, 1st, i did graduated except for a subject. Haha. i had a 'delay' on graduating my Construction Economics IV paper. Hopefully no one think bad of my lecturer because she's already like a sister to me (coincidentally same age with my sis too), very supportive (only her student & people she'd encountered know that fact) & a dear #ynwa (u know i know la, haha). It took me about several hours to accept that reality. I did 'delayed' once, although it's only co-curriculum subject (golf I), not so okay i guess, but did managed to overcome it. Bluekss (kiut kn?).

Awkward isn't it? My story-telling style it is. It's been 2 months. So get on with in hopefully. Okay, proceed with our story... So, i did bought a flight ticket to LCCT (dad's bill eventually), a day after the result is been obtained, in order to seat my supplementary exam on the eco's paper. Yup, currently in the process of filling myself with the eco thingy (sy budak baru belajaq, kalu salah tolong jolok noo. p/s: jgn pernah pggil namaku mahupun nama jolokanku, tp jgn juga jolok sarang tebuan, bisanya byk di sana. ngak bisa donk. donkey donkey dong3).

Just now lina@jobstreet wrote (email):

Bulan Ramadhan bulan yang diberkati,
Disambut dengan hati yang suci,
Hendak kirim kad tidak sempat lagi,
Kiriman EMAIL jadi pengganti.

Mari bersama menyambut lebaran,
Memupuk perpaduan sesama kita,
Aidilfitri hari kemenangan,
Saling bermaafan dihari mulia.

i can't promise that i'm present with others in the 77th convocation ceremony, but insyaAllah, i'll try to fill my name on that convocation's list. Seriously, these (whole failed things) experiences doesn't occur regularly, guess that i'm very special after all. Alhamdulillah.

Are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ????? (Jonathan Davis, 1994) 

Anyway, in this opportunity, i'd like to mintak maap banyak2 to all those who know me (kenal sipi2 pun jdi la) from the top of my hair, till the bottom of my heart end fingernail, with every little zarah between it, mintak halalkan everything, every single thing (& awek2 single out there also, love uolzzz, please accept my 'heart') & let's have a fresh start uolzzz. Nil = Nil (in term of dosa) it is ya. Dayang Mael sayang kamu. Huk huk huk...

Happy Ramadhan & Syawal to people in the houseeee yeah ! (outsider may get a bye2 hahaha)


It took me hours to prepare this 'card'

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