Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Peace be upon you

These past few weeks i've been bald and bald and bald, not that regular no 1 size bald, but this is totally 'clean' like Harith Iskandar's head. i just give several days for my head to have a taste of hair until they're gone, again and again.

Right now my hand still have a little smell of blood after i cut the head's skin. It's been a while since i shave this head by myself, so i've lost quit a bit of shaving skills. But who cares, all i want is an empty feeling. Yes! Empty like i'm become 1 with the nature.

About what people gonna say? It's up to them, it's their thought & taste, i just nod and smile just to keep them happy but still deciding on balding. Anyway, i think my confident level is quite high, the evidence is that i am not waive even i meet lots of people with this image, bald of course. Sorry guys, i'm not shame by my own look :)

To be honest, i've been bald since i was a little baby, so no heart feeling okay. It's my true form. Sorry if its caused you feel scary, disgust, annoy and etc to you, just being my true self :)

Picture taken by Ameng 'Kaki Besi' during my previous presentation on Redevelopment on Puncak Alam (S'gor) areas

So guys, don't afraid to try something you want, as long as it didn't goes against your religion :)

Peace upon you all.

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