Friday, May 18, 2012


Peace be upon u

This brain of mine is always formulating fantasies, which i would say various. It can be weird, happy, thrill, action, fiction, and many more.

Things in this brain

But lately i've always have a picture of me in various lovey dovey events, fist-fight events, actions like jumping from the cross over to lorries, etc. There's 1 time i'm almost accidentally jump from that cross over due to event / calculation created in my mind countless times.

This is the state of my mind
Abstract is the correct words

Apart from that, i always picture myself working like a true adult, big corporation companies, make millions of income, etc.

On vacation, bills paid by the company :)

The brain keep pushing me away & away from the reality. Maybe i'm afraid of that reality itself, who knows.

Fears outcome from the reality

Anyway, there's a 25 old 'not so adult look' guy, have lots of great friends, on his final semester (insyaAllah), in his 'job-hunting' mode, currently struggling with his own fantasy / reality, single, live just nearby this block.... and apparently that guy is me :) 

May peace be upon u. 

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