Saturday, July 9, 2011

Latest Medical Check Up

Peace upon y'all.

My nephew and I went to his school this morning (they have some annual fiesta, where today's ceremony opened by YB from Telang Usan, I think it was N67 if I'm not mistaken, and I already forgot his name, something with Ngau I guess).

Lots of stalls / booths opened. My nephew (he's now 8 yrs old) always eyeing on the ice-creams (bought 3 actually).

Straight to the point, I went to this free medical check up. Well, its free. So worth to try.

So the result of mine are (results are based on Tanita Inner Scan BC-542):

Height = 153 cm
Weight= 53.1 kg

Body Fat
Body Fat Percentage = 18.9% (ok)

Body Water
Body Water Percentage = 59.3% (ok)

Muscle Mass = 40.8 kg (ok)
Physique Rating = 5 (from 1 - 9), (super ok, ideal)

Basal Metabolic
Daily Caloric Intake (DCI) = 1229 Kcal
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) = 5141 KJ
Metabolic Age = 23 yrs (super ok, because I'm over 24 yrs currently)

Bone Mass = 2.3 kg (min 2.66 kg, so I'm low on this one, need to drink milk regularly, with calcium)

Visceral Fat
Visceral Fat Rating = 5 (from 1 - 12), also ok.

Btw, I'm currently fasting (today is the fourth days).

That's all.

And peace upon y'all too.

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