Friday, July 1, 2011

Swimming: Simple Lessons

Peace upon y'all

Okay, to start with, I'm actually not a good swimmer. Yup, but I did learned how to swim, maybe started at the age of 5 or 6 or somewhere around, when I'm officially learned how to swim from my uncle. His ways of doing things are simple, he grabbed me, and then released me on the water (we're at the river at this time), letting me to float by myself (i thought that it was my last day) until I'm starting to drown, grabbed me again and continued it by recycling all stated processes until he satisfied (it was the real pain in the ass). He did it several times, but I still learned nothing, instead of only tiring myself. 

Time skipped, I started to learn independently (at the sea, because it nearby my previous house) by observing others and tried it (only if there some experts nearby) over and over again (need a strong passion and guts, and lots of hardworks). Then again, I'm able to float myself by doing backstroke (1st mastered style). 

Among important thing in swimming is stamina (this is what I lack the most, even now). Before start swimming, control in breathing is vital, because breathing steadily also helps in conserving our stamina (other than swim correctly). 

Actually, I'm still a newbie in using the breast stroke, freestyle, and butterfly (currently still in progress of mastering the 'butterfly'), before this, I'm only swimming by using the dog-like style (just cycling both my hands and legs at the time). I mastered the freestyle around mid last year and mastered front stroke around December last year. As I said earlier, there is no easy ways in mastering all these stuffs. Both me and my friend went regularly to the pool (local public pool), did lots of observing and then tried it ourselves until we able to apply it simultaneously. We learned all of these without having a personal trainer or what-so-ever. 

Floating is a must, but you can learn any of swimming styles that suits you the most (I mean which you prefer to learn the most). Most of the people learn floating, back stroke, breast stroke, freestyle, and lastly the butterfly (require lots and lots of stamina). 


Its a simple style. Just relax your body on the water. This also helps in relaxing your mind. I like the back float because it feels like I'm comforting my back. 

Here are the methods of floating, just watch and learn. 

Breast stroke

Its a method of kicking (or maybe back jump) and pulling outwards in order to move yourself from one point to the next point. Its a pull > kick > pull > kick > (or the other way around) continuous steps. 

Here are some videos for it. 

Freestyle / front crawl stroke

I use this method as if I'm pulling my hands and flapping my legs on the water. The breathing can be adjusted accordingly with which suits you the most. 

Here are the videos. Just 'consume it'.


This is the most cool style in swimming. Able to mastered this style is like equivalent to smoke some Columbian Exclusive Cigar (in movies, the big cigar that usually smoked by rich people or mafias), or other words, its a huge success. 

Currently I'm able to use this style only for a lap and after that I need to rest a bit before starting the next lap. In short, this style consumed lots of stamina (maybe because I still not use to this style). Anyway, this is the most style that i like.

Here are some videos of the 'great style' mentioned.

Damn cool isn't it? So you can study the theories, stimulate it mentally (swim in your imagination), do few drills on the ground, apply it at the pool. Remember, do not attempt these tricks alone (at least be accompanied by an expert) if your a newbie. Cautions, cramps also occurs to the expert. So be careful and  good luck guys.

And peace upon y'all too.

Sources: Youtube

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