Monday, April 9, 2012


Peace be upon you all

i guess it's not that easy for me to gain my data eh? Due date is on 30th April, but i have to seek my supervisor before 20th April as pre-submission. i still have 5 more interview sessions to be completed which so far seems to be quite impossible to be achieved. i have called many companies, A, B, C, etc., which i guess already over than 20 companies. The best part is, there are not many companies left in Miri, if we're talking about big construction companies. Currently i am nearby my losing state, but i'll still pursue the data until its limit.

God will give test to every person including me. He will only test every person until their limit. i guess i am a strong person after all, hopefully. Please guide and lead me to the right path.

Thank you Allah, thank you for everything.

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