Thursday, April 5, 2012


Peace be upon you

i don't even know what is happening to me currently.

Somehow my heart feel like its going to explode when ever i see her. 

Somehow i feel glad hearing things from her. 

Somehow i've been warmed by her presence.

Somehow i love it when she's teasing me the way do. 

Somehow i'm trying to cover my blushing face in front of her.

Somehow i'm unable to make eye contact with her.

Somehow i'm patiently waiting her for noticing me.

Somehow i'm happy when she's talking with me.

Somehow i'm avoiding things that she hates.

Somehow i'm feel like i want to become tougher in front of her.

Somehow i'm seeing myself in many places with her.

Somehow she's included in my prays.

Somehow i'm hoping the best for her.

There are many 'somehow' happening to me when ever, where ever, she's on my mind. Its been so long since i had these feelings. i'm not making all these up, but sincerely what i feel these days.

Hopefully Allah will blessed me with someone like her, or better than her. After all, Allah knows what's the best for me.

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Peace be upon you all

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