Friday, March 23, 2012

Broga Hill

Peace upon you all

Today i've just conquered Broga Hill's peak, 2nd time. Last time was on 1st quarter last year i guess, with my fellow part 1 & 2 classmates (+ several others). This time with my current classmates (+ several others).

Today's trip went well whereby 14 out of 17 person are able to join me at the peak, compared to below 10 (out of more than 20) person last time.

Last trip was so horrible for me because back then i was selfishly act on my own without working in a group with others. During that time, i was really regretted my action after several of them said 'we' (this also referred to me, i know it by their voice tone) wasn't there when they need 'us' (still referred to me).

After that incident, i 'repent'. So for today's trip, i was able to work in group with them, leading the way to the peak, slowly but surely, and we all went back safely. i finally able to feel the joy of the trip (in group mode).

Thank God, for this trip, i'm gladly say it pleasure me a lot and a big relief to me.

Anyway, today's traffic at the hill was crystal clear, due to today is working day (my 1st trip was filled with massive amount of people). Trekking at your own risk (safety at this place is quite sad i'd say). So have to be 110% focus till you reach the finishing line.

*Thanks to Noor Ifah (classmate) for the pictures. Really appreciate that.

Peace upon you all. 

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banana said...

aku sik dapat lupakkan peristiwa lucu bah bila nangga gamba2 tok el.. hahahaha