Sunday, March 18, 2012

Replenishing White

Peace upon you all

i always wanted to buy this certain teeth whitening product since years ago, but only now i had my chance on using it. Its basically my 3rd day using the product. i choose "Pearl Drops: Replenishing White" due to its 'brighter teeth in just 2 weeks' thingy.

i admit that the color of my teeth also had to do with my confident level. Brighter the teeth means higher the confident level. Maybe some people out there had same issue with me. So, if this thing is really working accordingly, i will recommend it to others, but for the time being, i think this thing kinda worked even though its only my 3rd day.

Anyway, still got another 11 days or more to go in order to see its final result.

Before i forget, it cost about RM 45 per item. So lets brighten our teeth and smile like there will be no tomorrow :)

Peace upon you all.

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