Monday, March 5, 2012


Peace upon you all

Guess what? Today will be my 1st day for semester 6. Roarrrrrrrr! Hahaha. Every second of this semester is so tense to me. It's just happen man, maybe the thought of 'must complete the thesis or extend my graduation date' or 'it is now or never' etc.

Anyway, these past two days i felt so tired, like really effing tired until it caused me to sleep maybe about 12 hours per day. i think  the +ve ion surround me is too many until my -ve ion unable to run the equilibrium exercise as it does usually. Hence, i had to sleep in order to overcome the excessive +ve ion inside me.

Lets just keep that in view. The thing is, Mum SMSed me last night regarding my little sis being brought to hospital. She broke her water and currently being held in ward, before she can fully deliver her baby. To tell the truth, i am worried like shoot here. You have no idea how long i waited for that baby to finally join this world him/herself. i'm also hopping my sis & her baby be in great health / condition and get thru this whole delivering process safely.

It'll be my 3rd nephew. i always play with that baby, i often caught his leg / hand when i see it moving, etc. i spent lots of time with my sis for these past 6 / 7 weeks (semester break) while also babysitting my 2nd nephew, Asyraf.

Asyraf looks like my 2nd bro (while he's still baby) at this pic.
* He already missed me right there, her mum said that he sleep after grabbing my cloth. That little man always sleep when i'm hugging him. How i miss him so much! *

He calmly stay there. Grrrrr!
i always 'sniffing' when hugging him

Back to my sis, she'll deliver her baby at anytime now. i'll be waiting for that great  news! This is the 2nd time my nephew delivered right after i'm back to school. i will bite him / her hard after make me waiting this long.

* Beware you kiddo, Uncle gonna bite and bite and bite you so hard until you'll remember it for a long time*

God's Will, i will update more on little sis condition later. Hopefully everything will runs smoothly soon. i will wait patiently right here. Yes, right here. Hence, i'm expecting their call anytime now.

Have a great days ahead guys. Peace upon you all.

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