Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The pressure is on!

Peace upon you all

Seems like i won't be able to graduate easily i guess. There are tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of things need to be done in such a short period. Putting aside all this things, i do like this semester a lot, unfortunately its going to be end soon (God's Will).

Hopefully i'm able to graduate in time along with others with flying colors. Currently peeking the real deal, i mean the industry of course, construction industries. There's lots of short & long term plans.

i think currently i am near to this point (Gohan going to 'explode' in  Dragon Ball Z comic no. 34, right after Cyborg No. 16's head destroyed by the complete Cell)

May God give me strength whenever i came to this sort of situations / conditions.

Peace upon you all.


Athirah Ahmad said...

semua bnda yg kta polah msti dengan Lillahi ta'ala. insyaAllah akan dipermudahkan segala urusan :)

mael said...

tenkiu atas peringatan ya