Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yuwais Bin Iskandar

Peace upon y'all.

Sorry for being late in updating about my newborn nephew. Here's the detail.


Yuwais Bin Iskandar


7th March 2012

Miri's General Hospital 
(only generals / leaders born here, including me)

i don't know why, but he looks like different person at different angle. For quite sometime i thought this gonna be a baby girl (while in my sis womb), i even gave him name 'kuntum' before. Now that i know he is not 'kuntum' anymore, i think he'll be his cousins (Amirul & Asyraf) best friend.

Uwais means 'Gift'. So letter 'Y' at initial refers to 'he' in fi'il mudhori' (had to learn little Arabic grammar for this) on 'huwa' (he). Hence, can be conclude that Yuwais means 'He who Gifts' (this is alternately my opinion, do correct me if i'm wrong).

On the other hand, i just read story about Uwais Al-Qorni, a man who pray & look after his mother. A man who pray for Saidina Umar r.a. & Saidina Ali r.a. May Allah always bless you and your family dear Yuwais.

Peace upon you all.


pu3mas said...

Wow.. gud info..

Tahniah tambh gik ank buah ktk ooo... :-)

mael said...

terima kaseh. kmk just pat ngga cdak nmbah2 bilangan ya jk, lom dpt kmk nk nulong nmbah lok.