Friday, March 2, 2012

favorite manga #1

Peace upon you all

i guess its time for me share about my interest on manga / comic . i do like mangas since before starting my kindegarden school (i start at 5 years, spent about 2 years at that place). i'm attracted by the drawings, sketches, etc. where i only look at the drawings without knowing what is written in it (before kindegarden, i only able to read at 5 yrs old, just an ordinary kid i am).

So, i'll start with the leader (i'm not saying oldest, or first, but just leader, like a boss) of all comic / manga (in my perspective) which is Dragon Ball. Well, the 7 balls thingy created by 'Sir' (i honor him) Akira Toriyama in years i don't know when, but why don't you let Mr. Google do his job shall we?

*Just type 'dragon ball' and BAM ! all information is there*

1 thing for sure, all stuff that Goku able to do, also can be done by me, big time. Hahaha. So don't mess with me people, or you'll ended up vanished before blinking your eyes. Puff! Gone. 

Here they are, the Dragon Ball
 Go google it fellows. Good night, have a good sleep and great days ahead guys.

Peace upon you all. 

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