Monday, February 27, 2012

Congratulation LFC

Peace Upon You All

Congratulation Liverpool Football Club for being the CHAMPION of the League Cup for their 8th times

As you all might 'just' know, i am a Liverpool Football Club's (LFC) fan. i may not know much about the club, but i sincerely be its fan around 90's, maybe not that long for certain people but who really effing cares about whole fan's duration thingy. as long as you're ON with something, then go for it because its your own decision. Quit listening to 'rubbish' that came out of nowhere just condemn your interest. But do remember, not all 'rubbish' are useless, some of it might able to be 'recycled' or so.

So, LFC finally won a cup after six (6) dramatic years since the FA Cup winning on 2006. Old man Kenny and his Red 'army' are quite 'something' in 'messing' with people's minds and thoughts. i like the fact that some people said to me previously:

"... current Liverpool club is just like a 'little brother' who are shadowed behind their 'big brother' successful achievement and only lived by their name ..." or so.

The quote was said to me after the Suarez - Evra incident. i must admit that i was quite shocked by the statement whereby i'm not messing with their 'team'. i severally defend that things gonna change but they really nailed me hard that day. i just smiling back at them with 'you will see later' look on my face, boldly as that. Some also said to me that:

"... Liverpool is dead without Suarez ..."

Well, suddenly they are wrong after Liverpool's winning 3 - 1 against Newcastle United, and won several matches also without Suarez, that also leads the Reds to FA Cup quarter final and the 8th League Cup's tittle. They've forgotten that football is played by a club, not by a single player only. That sort of thought had also contributed to the wildly immature accusation which not only bad for them, but also bad for the football industry. Quite a misbehave thoughts i'd say, but nevermind, human evolves from their mistakes, including me all the time (about something else).

i'm gonna say this is quite a week for most of 'big' clubs in EPL. Anyway LFC did it again tonight, won their 8th cup's tittle that automatically proves all above thoughts to be effing wrong!

We Will Never Walks Alone

Here's some footage of the winning event, taken from the LFC's players and fans twitters. Hope you all enjoy it :)

Winning parade
Martin Kelly
Really love old man's smile
Even Lucas is there

Good night & have a great days ahead guys. Again, congratulation LFC.

Peace upon you all

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