Sunday, February 12, 2012

skilled worker


Looking for a skilled worker? Skilled as in carpenter? i guess i have a solution for that problem. Kih3. i have a friend, people referred him as 'si Kachak', but some do called him as MaeL (the man of honor).

Is this skilled enough for you?

Today only me & my old man continued works on the store room. 1 thing for sure, old man's experience is wayyyy beyond the text book. He just show me how to do things and i'm just 'settled' them all.

i did the sawing, hammering, lifting things, etc., u name it. Back then i followed old man doing electrical works, piping works, mechanical (air-conditioning & refrigerator) works, but mainly mechanical & electrical works. i may look like i'm clueless but i do know things. Kih3. Never judge a book by your knees (screw that cover, i can tear it all the way i want).

Come see me if you don't wanna see your next days

i'm also thankful upon courses i taken, with given me extra input theoretically on items mentioned above. Hence, theory that i learnt + things i do practically with old man really do make me feel like a true man. Kih3. Anyway, i'm not that good though. My biggest barrier to success in all these stuffs is i am a purely  lazy dude, wayyyy lazier than Shikamaru Naara. Laziness made me forgotten things i learnt, causing me to learn same things repeatedly over and over again (suddenly Mike Shinoda's voice saying "just like befoooore").

But things you do has their own prices. i got bruises everywhere, muscular pains in almost every part of this body, runs out of energy and tired as hell, but gladly helped my old man.

* Isn't hell suppose to be effing hot? whats with people keep saying hell as their references? *

i just watched "Parenting Facebook: For the troubled teen" on youtube, makes me think that 'Hanna' (you'll know who's Hanna after watching that clip) will taste my current condition for that period of 3 grounding's months.

* i did all these on my own resolve without external influences * 

i guess its time for me settle down a bit. Have a pleasant night guys.


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