Saturday, February 11, 2012

another friday


Yeap, its been almost 2 weeks since my last update. i'm having a little bit of problems to 'write' for my next entries (after the "Babysitting") which some of it is run out of ideas, had a little time to browse the internet (just finished whole 3 seasons of 'Lie to Me' series), and my keyboard is partially broken after being clawed by my cat ('Si Kuning' damaged approximately 9 buttons of this keyboard).

Okay, back to this entry. i voluntarily follow my old man doing his works today. Last time i help my old man with his jobs was last mid year, which i also felt a bit nostalgic before.

Miri Crude Oil Terminal (MCOT), its been ages since i passed this areas

* i'm holding myself patiently while typing using this keyboard, its ruining my mood actually *

Lemme see, ya, old man having a job at Kampung Pulau Melayu, making a small detached store room for his client.   Its been so long that i haven't working using those tools like hammer, saw, things that seen in 'half life' game (kinda look like nail remover or the like), ladder, etc, u name it. My job was simply lifted stuffs like 4" x 2" x 12ft rafters etc., removed nails from that rafter, and holds the rafter while old man & bro doing their stuff. The thing was, i broke the hammer while removing the nails. Haha, still having problem in adjusting my power lately, you know, holidays make me stronger i guess.

But before that, we've bought some fishing gears before head to work. Our initial plan is to fish after finished our targeted percentage of completion today.

1 thing you must bare in mind if working with them, that is you must withstand the condition of not eating or drinking until the works is done. Its not like they're prohibited, but its more like they get used to that situation and i forgot about it. So, i didn't bring any water and it caused my throat to be dry as Sahara while i'm sweating as if its raining.

We didn't finish our job our job today due to lack of working materials and unforeseen things. So we head back to the supplier before its closed.

* Currently i'm sulking by 'something'. i hate this part when i rather not getting 'thing' i want, just to show (indirectly) that i am sulking the minute after i didn't get that 'thing' in the first place. You don't wanna make me sulk, i meant it. i'm not sulking by any part of this entry, but by 'something' else while writing this *

After settled with the supplier, old man got a phone call from my eldest bro, saying that he's accident.

* Old man just returned from Kuching's general hospital  earlier last month due to his health condition. He also spent his last year's Aidiladha at Miri's general hospital due to some health problem. So any shocking news should be avoided or should be said slowly & calmly *

Old man had shocked a bit but bro said his okay, so it reduced the tensed. Bro's motorcycle being 'pushed' by a car at the middle of traffic jam (around 5.30 pm).

* Traffic condition will get 'ugly' every workdays from before 7 am - pass 8 am on morning and around 5 - pass 6 pm afterwards at Pujut 7's roundabout till Permyjaya *

We've arrived at the scene and thankfully bro just having slight injuries, same with his motorcycle. The other party agreed to pay for workshop's bill and compensation to the injuries. They managed to pay and its a win-win situation, both parties satisfied and case closed.

i pity the other party because she had a flight to catch at 7 pm but trapped in this mess, which caused her to cancelled that flight. Heard that she & her two friends (also arrived at the scene) all trapped in accidents this week (its 3 accidents separately). Its totally not their best week i guess.

Another thing is i just got a call from my sis, she's just arrived at LCCT and picked by her husband. Alhamdulillah that she's safely arrived there.

So, insyaAllah i'll update more later.


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