Thursday, February 16, 2012

tick tock tick tock...


After done counting days, i have approximately 15 days left in Miri before heading back to Shah Alam. i don't know about others, but i'm really tired of this process (Shah Alam > Miri > Shah Alam > Miri > etc). Wanna know something? i've been travelling since year 2005 all the way to Kuching by MAS (i still remember because it was my 1st flight) all alone by myself. Later Kota Kinabalu (KK) took place from 2006 till 2008, followed by Shah Alam from 2009 to date. The best part is, its my first time to be in Kuching, KK and Peninsular M'sia.

i'm not showing off but i independently did all mention above without being accompanied by any of my family and i'm proud of it because that not everyone can do what i did. Forgive me for how cocky i am. Kih3. Just having a normal proud.

But this entry is not about my past, but the future it is. 15 days left in Miri, its not a long time tho. Next semester will be my final semester (God's Will), meaning that i have a thesis / dissertation / final project to be completed (which is currently doing it) and to be submitted somewhere in the middle of next semester.

i want it to be like this in order to graduate with others

My thesis (i chose this word because its the shortest word with the same meaning with others mentioned above) is about regular safety management, which requires me to have several respondents for the purpose of data collection. Well, my method of collecting data is an interview, structured interview. Hence i have to arrange suitable time in order have interview sessions with my respondents.

Of all 18 companies i've contacted, only 5 of them are willing to cooperate with me, 4 companies still waiting for approvals mode and the rest are unable / uninterested to give their support. At least i must have 5 respondents.

Its my only time to meet the respondents 'in person' because Shah Alam and Miri is not in 30 minutes driving  distance and cost about plus minus RM 300 for the flight alone (excludes transportation cost from Section 7 Shah Alam to airport & vice-versa). If the respondents are willing to help me just through email & or just phone calls, it would me my greatest pleasure (like a boss).

Of course it would be easier if i can simply do like this

* Asyraf (my baby nephew) is currently sitting with me here, listening to "aamir khan i love you daddy" while her mum making his 'milk'*

God's Will, i will start the interview sessions next week. Hopes my data collecting works run smoothly and enable me to proceed with my data analysis in no time.

May God be with me all the time & have a great evening guys.


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