Saturday, February 18, 2012

i'm on war !!!


Last night i dreamed of war, engaging whole nations including Malaysia. So i volunteered myself to be trained in camp in order to protect Miri. All things happened in my dream felt real and the situation is a total chaos. i only imagine bullets penetrate my head, body, etc., but despite that fact, i still managed to overcome all the wild imaginations and preparing myself to the D-day.

Our uniform look similar as Rela's form with additional orange stripes all over the place. Yeap, the combination is quite impossible but hey, its only a dream, everything is possible. There's so many drama occurred through the whole dreaming process.

Anyway, we don't get a chance on getting to the front line because i already awake.

The colour kinda look like this but in Rela's uniform

So, have a great day ahead guys.


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