Thursday, February 16, 2012

long midnight


Yeap, you read it right, its a long midnight. Actually, i slept yesterday (without purpose) and woke up at over 10 pm. i don't know why, but i'm awake, there goes my night.

i regularly hanging around in dad's room because its like our main gathering place, weird right? But it is happening almost everyday here. So i went to their room, having some quality time with my sister while watching a telemovie at Astro Ria i guess. Telemovie about this 1 man, Izwan (if i'm correct) & his girlfriend, a Portuguese girl (played by Nora Danish) & bla3 until the movie's end. i did reading on9 mangas (naruto, bleach & hitman reborn) at the same time.

Then suddenly my brother said want to go to hospital to check on his wife's condition (having trouble in breathing, i think maybe asthma strike), so he asked me & sis to look over their baby (Asyraf), so we did it. Its hard for me to contain myself when i see that baby, he has some sort of weird aura that attract people to hug him very hard, kiss him non-stop, etc.

It took quite some time for me & sis to get Asyraf to sleep after changed his diapers & a bottle milk. Asyraf slept before the telemovie finish. The thing i hate about that telemovie is how unfortunate that Izwan's fate whereby he lost some of his memories after drowned at river & lost for about 8 years, his mum died within that period, his dad (fisherman) spent most of time at sea & get sick, his girlfriend become other's fiancee and the main part is he lost his ability to speak (also got scar on his face). What i mean is how awful is that???

Pain in Disco (Om Shanti Om), one of the most awful 's fate of Shah Rukh Khan 's character when he is blind, deaf,  mute, no hands or legs, nothing! That is what i would rather called it as the true masterpiece of awfulness.
Bro & wife back from hospital at over 3 am (i didn't ask anything & just let them rest). Sis cont'd to look after Asyraf while i'm on my room & the bad news (for Gooners) is Inter Milan just got 4 goals against Arsenal. Well, they'll do something bout it later i guess.

Anyway, today will continued on setting appointments for my thesis. Currently i just got i appointment out of 10 companies (respondents) that i have called. Currently time is tissue. i only got approximately 2 more weeks left in Miri. i am soooooo dead !!

Last but not least, good morning & have a great day ahead.


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