Tuesday, January 31, 2012



These past few days i haven't had luxury to update this blog with any entry. i'd set a 'framework' on things i want to update originally, but it only stuck in my head.

To tell the truth, i'd been doing a 'job' since i got back into Miri, that is a babysitter, i mean a handsome, talented & passionately loving babysitter. Yes, i do a part time babysitting to my bro's son, Asyraf. Yesterday he turns to 4 months old.

This little baby is so aggressive, charming, etc. His cheeks as if mentioned "please kiss harder / bite 'grrrrrrr'ly here". He likes it when i pick him up and bring him to have a tour  at my own house.

i haven't sleep yet from last night. Hence i am sleepy as hell right now. Here are the latest pictures of that little man.

Here's the tough guy
After tired jumping & jumping & jumping
He suddenly sit like that. 
He lose to me in term of sleeping.

i want to share a secret with u guys, this baby will sleep everytime i dukung him for a while~ He's the other 'rabbit' (Chinese's zodiac) in the house after me.

Okay, i really am sleepy. Later guys.


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