Tuesday, June 7, 2011

gud morning.


As usual, people used to say gud nite be4 sleeping n gud morning after awake. Hm, in normal circumstances, yes, it could be accepted. Laugh out loud (lol). But in my case currently (after holidays triggered almost a month ago) seems to be changed a little.

Guess what? Office hour started at 8 am and finished at 5 pm (particularly at my place) and people are working within this time-frame. But for me, its time for me to sleep. Lol. Don't be mistaken, this event do not occur everysinglefuckingday but only sometimes (just like today, just waked at almost 5 pm).

The thing is, i did mentioned that i watched 2 movies on the previous entry (just this morning) which are Priest & Hall Pass (HP). Priest was so-so but the HP, i give it A1. Lol, with some brilliant jokes in it. Ok, time for me to get some 'breakfast'. Wslm.

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