Monday, June 13, 2011

Incubus kipas ssh mati.

Peace upon y'all.

I am, sincerely, from the bottom of deep inside my heart, purely, undeniably, hereby, purposely intended to reveal that I am an Incubus' most invincible fan! Damn straight to the bull's eye. Hm, a friend of mine 'introduced' this band to me back then (around past 10 whole yrs). I still remember that he was listening to the 'Make Yourself' album right in my room or half of that our dorm, Ibnu Rusydi B if I'm not mistaken (used to stay at hostel at the time).

Make Yourself (released '99)

I borrowed his walkman, tuned on this album, flipped over the cassette after finished with the other side. Suddenly, I found myself in state of pleasuring those songs and keep repeating it again and again until the batteries runs out. Then I began to realise that I had fallen in 'love' with this band, more than I ever knew. After that, I've began to 'hunt' the other albums in order to 'feed' my 'hungers' upon hearing them plays. I can't imagine how ecstasy I am when Brandon starts yelling, Mike leads his guitar, Dirk clapping his bass, Jose kill those drum pads, and Dj Killmore messing with his table.

While they're at my current age
Time passing by
Still going
They met a new guy

 It hurts when knowing that Dirk Lance, their bassist, went out from the band. He played the bass well, very well. Its been a huge shock, not only to me, but to almost all of their fans. I just like "what the hell did happened to this band??", "how would they perform without Dirk??", "why...??", "when...??", bla3. The answer to all these questions laid on their album "A crow left of the murder".

Ben Kenney joined Incubus

But the original members of Brandon, Dirk, Mike, Jose and Gavin Koppel 'Dj Lyfe', Incubus was formed in 1991 (u can google it). These original members were together for two (2) albums, which are Enjoy Incubus and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. After that Dj Killmore replaced Dj Lyfe until present.

# 1
# 2

I have to admit that this band is totally unique, quote "I'm not bias and will not do, to any band, just honestly express my thoughts". Just go ahead and listen to each and every album they've produced. They are not rigid to a single genre because they keep evolving from time to time. Salute to this band and also salute to their fans as well.
P/s: Their new  album, "If Not Now, When?" is awesome.!!!

And peace upon y'all too.


j.h said...

cilaka, gua lama tak dgr lagu incubus

mael said...

rileks la bai, bln dpn kuar album baru.

mael said...

my bad! 'If Not Now, When?' rpanya dh kuar taun lps. n lagu2 dia dh ku post dlm fb tlebih dahulu. hahaha.