Tuesday, June 14, 2011

no idea..

Peace upon y'all.

That is our entry for today, I mean tonight, 'no idea'. There is no particular meaning behind those line, in fact, I don't know which line I'm referring to (lame old trick for a joke). Currently there are lots of rumors going on at Anfield (my hometown, beside this one).

Football / soccer's gossips = boring.
Artists' gossips = boring.
Anything related to gossips = boring.

N'mind, I'm a patient guy. Facts will be revealed later, my current job is just keep waiting while avoiding myself from being infected by those gossips.

Anyway, I'm always a Liverpool's fan and we're walking together buddies.

And peace upon y'all too.


j.h said...

ya.i like liverpool fans..

mael said...

well said buddy