Sunday, January 8, 2012



Lately we all busy doing our own stuffs. Sometime, at certain points, i don't feel that well. That is referring to the treats i get. Some of them do get me wrong quite some time.

I humbly want to state it clearly that i am here, these days, to this point (God's will, till the rest of my life), with all my might, trying to be a better person that have 'soul' (religiously), can be depending on, etc (all better man stuffs) in order to prepare myself for my upcoming days.

Please, i am asking u if i make any mistake, please do correct me (hopefully in a manner ways). I do have dark spots in my life that certain people might unable to give their forgiven to me, but it's their rights & it's my fault. That's why i am too scare to repeat the same unreasonable thing again & again.

Please bare with me, please be with me, please pray for me, please help me, please & please & please... Lets us together do what we're supposed to do. Please don't think me as useless bargain, please be honest with me. I've tried & keep trying. I do everything i can / able to be this 'better person' man. Yes, i'm 25 soon but it doesn't that i'm too late to change. I start to play sports, i start to lowers my ego (small person do have huge ego), i start listening what others says, i start to leave behind all unnecessary things (smoking, etc), and all, i did & keep doing it, just to be a better person.

Changing is not easy as it seems. I do feel pain, lots of pain, but i keep enduring it, keep hiding it, so people won't realize how pain i am. Thank God, my prayers had been answered and replied, maybe only a portion of it, but eventually it will be more to come, enough for making me glad and thankful, and blessed for all things i've been given.

Please, i need your support & thank you for everything.


*This is dedicated to people who read this. Thank you.

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Athirah Ahmad said...

Alhamdulillah. Allah tok Maha Penyayang. nya sentiasa berik peluang utk kita btaubat n kembali ke jalan-Nya. manusia tok sik penah tlepas dri molah salah. nama pn manusia nak. sma2 lah kita doa agar Allah sik tarit balit hidayahNya dri idup kita. insyaAllah, kta berubah utk jdi lebih bgus dri msa ke semasa. =)

ps : sorry pjg lebar komen :)

mael said...

Aminn. hihi. so dh bleh google map ke hati tek?