Thursday, January 19, 2012



Good morning & good day to all. Today i woke up around 6.40 am. My initial plan is to wake before 5.00 am, to watch El Classico match between Real Madrid v Barcelona. Pardon, i didn't plan on waking up because i am awake till 3.15 am with my 'social network' activities. Maybe all this happened due to last night event.

Last night me & housemates (& 2 of housemates' friends also joined) were having our 'dinner' event together. Its been so long for such event where everyone in our house participates. I think the last time was either earlier last semester or a semester before, the point is, it was way back then.

In truth, i know about this event is 2 days ago, while having usual conversation with roomate. The place was suggested by roomate also (either Rashid or Syahmi). So the dinner take place at D'Kayangan Buffet & Steamboat, in Acapella's building, Section 13, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Source: Nur Eimi :)
Source: Facebook

Ohya, there's a bit incident occurred at Section 7's Shell last night. A quarrel between a full grown Indian man and a matured Malay lady. i don't know what happen between those two but the quarrel is a bit aggressive and ended with the man kicked that lady's Myvi. Based on my observation, i think the lady maybe have rough day before the incident or she's having period, that kept her from act rationally (verbal) resulted her Myvi being kicked. i was like:

'no lady, u shouldn't... but you've done it..'

Anyway, i had good time with housemates. i ate so much until my tummy expand twice as usual.

Mr. tummy is happy 

After done with dinner, some of us go to Uptown Shah Alam to 'pick' up two Liverpool jerseys (2nd & 3rd kit) and head back to home.


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