Saturday, January 14, 2012

Totally SCREWED !


Today is totally not my day. Definitely not mine. Anyway, 1st of all, i already deactivated my facebook account due to some circumstances. There's things that i don't want to see in it. On the other hand, i'm back to tagged, though its not active like i'm with twitter,  but ya, here i am, tagged. i feel a bit leisure there, plus doesn't have to see earlier mentioned event.

Okay, back to the main topic, which is today's entry. Yeap, i am totally screwed ! Nailed to the bottom of the wood. Ok, today we just sit for our 3rd paper which is Project Management 2. Naturally i should be able to withstand this paper. Unfortunately, under certain circumstances, i barely able to answer the questions. We've been given 6 questions, but only answer 4 of it.

How on earth that i can miss the question (no 3) that i am quite 'fluent' to begin with, the motivation's theories. What the Junub (wtf) !  All just because of that "philosophies of human nature". I was like 'what the devil is philosophies of human nature'? Earlier i tried to answer that question with all that Maslow & McGregor crap, but i'm afraid it is not 'human nature'. Just because of that term (human nature), i've lost 15 marks (i might not get full 15, but at least i can get some points from it).

Therefore, i answer question 2 that i've forgotten the arrangement of all those managerial grid leader. Now i really put my blame on you Mr. Blake & your friend, Mr. Mouton. Your theory is killing me okay. i knew about country club leader etc, but i only know some of it. i think i only get around 5 marks out of 25 marks provided for question 2 (only if the lecturer is good enough to give marks, if not, maybe got only 1 / 25). Not forget to mention, question on Facility Management also i got it wrong. Hish !

To tell the truth, i wasted my time studying recruitment, Human Resources Management and other craps. Things get even messier when i read question 4, that is on Environmental Management System's component. Again, burnt my 15 marks there. The only question i confident with my answer is question 3 and parts of question 6 (Ishikawa & Deming's theory).

Dear God, i am praying to u right now. Please make me pass this subject. I don't know how but u are the Mighty One, capable of doing everything (Done, the its Done). Thank You God.

Yours screwedly,
Si Kachak~


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