Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little incident...


There's an incident occurred last midnight. While me & fellow housemates having some chit chat, Boboy (cat with gangster face on) came in (my room) and wandering at window like he usually does. Few times previously he almost fall outside from that window, but tonight, he indeed falls outside.

Without further thinking, i suddenly stand u and rush toward the door and run to ground floor (our house is at 1st floor) as fast as i can supported with an adrenalin rush, bare footed, and immediately searching for Boboy. Luckily he still safe at the window's lintel (small area, but enough to hold him for a while). Later my roomate pulled him inside.

Last month (mid), Boboy still small
After being scolded, last month.
Today, he turns into a monster.
Boboy's new accompany, the Duo Sista (Gegirl 1 & 2)

Adrenalin rush really tire me. Phew. What a night !



Athirah Ahmad said...

kiuuut juakk pusak yaa~ :D

mael said...

nya gengster, kakya tak pujik, bleh plh muka innocent, mun plh muka simpati ya pun specialty nya juak. haha. slalu dh nya knk picit kegeraman ctok (tp daya picitan ya sejajar dgn saiz nya la, makin nya besar ya la makin nyaman micitnya, siap jd bantal pelok gk slalu ya)