Monday, January 23, 2012



Finally... i've completed my fifth semester at UiTM Shah Alam yesterday. Phew, i was here since July 2009 and now my journey is about to reach its 2nd final stage (final stage is convocation), which is the final semester. Lets talk about my final semester in future.

Finally... i can feel a bit relief after all this exam session. Overall, i did all the papers with my best to date capacity (for this semester's period), which i'd say quite disappointed (due to lack of revision, lack of self discipline, despite having huge advantages on the gap between my papers). Anyway, i hope that i'm not repeating any subject at all.

What past is past, all we can do is take a lesson from it 
-usually be said after taking exams-

I play a lot, less studies, have low coursework's marks 
-usually be said after knowing the result-

I'll change my study plan, work smarter, discipline myself 
-usually be said at the beginning of the semester-

Finally... i can go back to Miri after 5 tiring months tomorrow (Tuesday: 1315 hour), spend some quality time with family and friends, also spend some time for executing my thesis / dissertation / final project (different term used in different universities) whereby the primary data will be collected in Miri, and so on.

Finally... i'm going back using MAS' plane this time. Hopefully there's special gift for the Chinese New Year, a dragon's doll will do. Kih3~

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Finally... i think maybe i'd sleep at airport tonight. As usually, i had a flightophobia syndrome that enable me to have many unnecessary thoughts such as i'll miss my flight due to the traffic condition or maybe oversleep till noon,  i'm taking wrong flight, poor weather condition while flying, etc. Yup, its among my biggest problem.

The flightophobia 
-a term that i've created some time ago, that can be defined as negative inferior feelings or behaviors or expressions occurs in respective amount of period, before reaching the intended destination, by using plane- 

Finally... i think that's it for this entry. i want to rest a bit before start packing things later. InsyaAllah we'll meet again later Shah Alam.


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