Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)


I'm updating this blog here in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). i have luxury to do so due to my arrival at boarding room 3 hours ahead of my flight schedule, meaning that i came here at KLIA earlier than i expected, wayyy too early, but its a good thing. i can relax myself after a tiring journey.

Okay, earlier this morning, around 12 am, i'd spent my time at Kamal's Corner with Daus & Zamey. I haven't had dinner, so i invited them to join me, also can be treated as a 'farewell' occasion i guess. We spent over 2 hours of our 'cerita kedai kopi' moment there *kinda gay by using 'our...moment' with coupled of dudes*

i woke up at 6.30 am, do all necessary things (shalat, take bath, etc..). My initial plan was using bus (Seranas) from Section 7 to Section 2, proceeded with bus (u80) to KL Sentral and continued with bus to KLIA. Overal will be 3 buses and the total cost of transportation will be RM 13.50 (Section 7 to KLIA).

i started with the 1st bus around 8 am, continued by 2nd bus around 8++ am. Thank God that today is Chinese New Year's holiday so the road is i can say as 'crystal clear' which took only about 30 minutes from Section 2 to KL Sentral. Its a huge relief to me but here's come the worst part. i just realize that the road path around KL Sentral changed a bit, also there's a bit changes in the surroundings too.

i just noticed that monorail is being under maintenance or upgrade or i don't know what happen, all i managed to see was monorail's area is closed ('they' already install fencing on that area). Apart from that, this new 'under construction' building next to KL Sentral almost complete maybe.

usually dozens of buses will parks here
it was like entering some remote tunnel
there's a light at the of the tunnel, means don't stop when you're not done yet

As usual, i walk to KL Sentral by foot, but then, there's not many people taking same way with me, but i wonder maybe its still holidays or maybe i came too early, so i just let it be. Suddenly i'd been shocked when i saw KL Sentral is also undergoing some renovation works.

i was like 'how long have i been away from this world ???'

Then again, i thought that i'd made a huge mistake by not using KTM in the 1st place, but hey, i'm already here at the Sentral, so i just move on and try to think of another solution while following other people to i don't even know where. The only things left there is a bunch of taxi drivers and few buses to Low Cost Carriageway Terminal (LCCT).

Again, i was like 'am i on the right track ?' 

Fortunately i am on the right track. Then i felt relieved a bit but there's goes another problem, which is 'where can i find bus to KLIA'. Then i made up my mind and 'sacrifice' myself by using KLIA Ekspres (train that connects KL Sentral and KLIA) and i'm ready for the cost (which i thought maybe around RM 20). I was wrong, it costed RM 35 and i was crying my in my heart. The main reason i want to use bus is because i'm broke.


Again, i just accepted my fate and use that train. For your information aka fyi, its my 1st time using that train. Somehow i kinda like that train. Travel time from sentral to airport is only 28 minutes (normally about an hour or less by using bus). i also felt like Johnny Depp in "The Tourist", such a distressful journey that i don't even manage to 'take my time' there.

So here i am, checked in 3 hours earlier then the actual schedule. i won't regret it because i have many time to spend, able to charge both my phone and laptop, manage to publish this entry, and have better time to see things around.

Anyway, i guess i have to stop here because i have other things to do. So, see y'all at the other part of the world, which is Borneo, a world's living paradise. Ohya, there's an old English couple sit next to me just now, they're such a happy couple.

Here i am, updating my blog

P/s: Ticket's attendance is so pretty. Aiyoo, will u marry me? Haha, she'll definitely say NO to me.


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